Leo Hawkes - Muni²

Leo is a muni rider and has never had a solo video before. Check out his first vid :slight_smile:

Comments welcome!


Good work man, nice and fast:)

That was… different… and I like it :slight_smile:

sweet urban muni

Nice ride man! Looking good!

Loved it man, so flowyy

Is that the nimbus 24"?


nice vid wish i could ride like that

figured i’d post this here. i’m new to this site and don’t want to put this video in its own thread… this first half of it is all Muni so i guess it can belong here :slight_smile:

Poor show! Your first post and you’re already swagger jacking Leo.

on the forum sites i regularly visit i’d get your same comment, had i made a new thread for myself. especially it being my first post, haha. so making that mistake of boasting my own thread as a noob around here i didn’t think would be a solid idea. anyways, thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: