Legal riding (was Re: riding surfaces)

On Thu, 2 Feb 1995, Jimmy Brokaw wrote:

> I realize that unicycling on streets and/or sidewalks is illegal here in
> Britain, but I do it all the time (staying away from major roads of course, I
> live in a Hick town!) The policemen around here must not be aware of the law,
> they’ve driven by and taunted me about the missing wheel before, etc. Anyone
> ever have any trouble conforming to civic laws?

Well, that depends what you mean by streets. Pavements or roads? Anywhere
it’s legal to ride a bicycle it’s also legal to ride a unicycle, but as it’s
often been said the law is an ass.

I pretty well always ride on the pavement. Whenever I pass a policeman I feel
a faint sense of dread that they may question my right to be there, but they
always smile and say hello. Occasionally, about once every couple of months,
a pensioner tells me I should be on the road. They get a bit scared that I’m
not in control, but there’s really nothing I can do about that. If they do
tell me I shouldn’t be on the pavement I talk to them politely and point out
that unicycling is far more like walking than anything else. They usually
seem happy enough if I educate them.

The last time someone made a fuss it was some old guy who said he’d just
retired from the police force and if he hadn’t retired he’d have nicked
me. Thank goodness the modern Bath police force aren’t like that! He
seemed to think I was putting old biddies in danger. I really find it
quite offensive when people suggest, whether implicitly or explicitly,
that I’m thoughtless enough to endanger other people. Anyway, I’m far more
sympathetic towards slow moving people getting in the way when I’m on my
uni than when I’m on foot :wink:

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