leg protection

I was wondering what recommendations people have for unicycling leg protection. I am beginning to try unispins and crankflips and wanted to get a few suggestions. I have a dx 24 and pedal bite can be nasty. I would also like to keep the price reasonable while still getting something that will do its job well and be semi-comfortable.

661 shin/knee guards. They are awesome, and you can find them on sites for about 20 dollars.

They cover the back of your leg pretty well, not padding and stuff, but enough to stop a lot of cuts. The front has foam with plastic inserts over that that are great for impacts, and have saved my knee and shins so many times.

According to a lot of people, the straps sucks, which is kinda true. For me, I can get them on and off quickly, but, I have had some strips rip off. They are easily sewn back on, but they can be just a small annoyance.

You will get hot in them, and sweaty, but that is almost a guarantee with all pads to wear. I don’t notice how bad I get until I take them off. =p

the kh shingards are really nice, and they cover almost all of the back of your leg

go with 661s they are cheaper and they do the job, if you really wanted you could mod your 661s

Is it necessary to have pads that cover the back of you legs well or is the front the most important.

the majority of my pedal scrapes are on the back of my leg. i’d go with some shengards than really cover the whole calf (like those kh ones;) )


Did some searching for you, hope it helps, and next time do it yourself:p

I just ordered 661s from


for like $20 :smiley:
I would recommend buying these… but I havent gotten them yet so I can really do that :stuck_out_tongue:

I think thats what I’m going to get, but shipping will be $18

Oh wow :frowning:

Where I live it only cost like $3 :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can find some pre-raceface roach shinguards, they’re sweet.