Left drift

Just this summer I started riding my uni to work on a regular basis and I seem
to always drift to the left. If I am on a sidewalk I end up over on the left
edge. I try to lean more to the right to correct for this but it feels really
unnatural to me. Any ideas what might be wrong in my “style”? I am sure it is me
and not the unicycle. Is one foot stronger than the other? Any ideas on how to
correct for this? I have only been riding a uni about a year and a half so maybe
it just takes more practice? I didn’t really see this problem until I started
going longer distances this summer and I thought it would get better with
practice, but it doesn’t seem to. It also seems to get worse at the end of the
ride when I am more tired.

Andy Arhelger awa@vnet.ibm.com