learning trials

Hi, I want to learn to do trials and Im wondering what are the base stuff to learn to do trials.

This may seem stupid but thats me :roll_eyes:

SIF hopping (seat in front), tucking, more balance, better hops, pedal and crank grabs, learn stand stills, are just some things to name a few…

tucking is what and for grabs I need help I just can’t do it like wen I jump I grab then fall and It’s not getting better !!!help!!!

Just practice a lot.

Trials doesnt really have tricks like street does, so really, once you knwo the basics, thats all there is to it, but just to improve yourself.

Practice seat-in and Seat-in-front riding. Gapping to both sides and forwards. Learn how to handle drops and being able to rollout will help. Standstills are nice, and learning how to hop onto and hop while being on a skinny object is good. Also practice hopping on different angles.

Aside from the regular stuff, work on being loose and flexible on your uni, specifically while in the horizontal crank “hopping position”. Be able to bend down, move around, crouch and tuck, do still stands.

After learning to ride normally while holding the seat out in front of your body, learn to hop in that postition. Tucking refers to when you hop Seat In Front and pull the seat up in front of your body, to tuck the wheel higher.

Search youtube for unicycle trials and watch some videos to get an idea of what to do, if you haven’t already.

What part makes you fall? The jumping up to the object, or the landing and balancing on it?
Try starting out in the grab position, then jumping off onto the ground.

Also, it’s easier to jump up and land on both your pedal and crank, if you aren’t already doing that. You have to lean your body over towards the object to keep from falling (when you landed on it) because the unicycle stays straight up and down and feels like it’s pulling you over.

Then when you jump from there up onto the platform you’ll have to lean the unicycle over sideways right before you jump.

Pedal/crank grabs are probably something that will take you awhile to learn. I don’t know how good you are, but I’d suggest working on hopping higher and other basic stuff first…

In my opinion, SIF isn’t the only way to go in trials. If you practice your SI (seat in) hopping, you can end up doing huge jumps.

The thing you must not forget when doing stuff, is a good state of mind on the obstacle. If you think you cant do it, your not.

I ride SI for trials all the time. I quite frankly dont like SIF. When i do SIF i end up smashing the saddle into my legs, and cause bruises. I know thats because i never practice it, but i prefer SI hopping better, because im getting almost up to 27’’ (68.8cm) hops. I know with time and practice, i will be able to achieve greater heights.

Also, practice what they all said as well, thats the basics you need to know. Try landing drops better, try pressing off for hops better, do standstills when you dont have any obstacles, ride curbs if possible in your area.

Good Luck! :smiley:


thanks guys I will do that:)

Focusing your consentration. Learn to block out all distractions (other people, high vs. low skinny, etc.).

Squats (but nearly touching tire).

Squat riding.

Seat drag/push.

UW (Ultimate Wheel).

Smoothness and consistency.

Yes, both ways with experience will get you very high but the point is that all high jumps over 105 cm-ish (sorry, if I’m inaccurate on that, I donno the highjump SI record) have been done by SIF hopping, SIF also helps improve balance more. Only thing that I don’t personally like SIF is that I’ve landed SIF and almost sprained my ankles several times. Overall, I think it’s better to recognize both for what they’re good for (SI for rolling and short jumps and SIF for highjumps or big sidehops).

Really though, you shouldn’t have to worry about hopping types until you get good enough though.

Yeah, True dat soooooooon. Lol. Your right, on all parts i guess. I dont totaly know the top height for SI, but with a good state of mind, im guessing you can hit what SIF riders are hitting. Tomorrow im going to attempt to hit a 27’’. Once i can nail that consistently, im going to go bigger. Add a pallet to that, i’ll be at 33’’ or so. I plan to atleast be hitting 91cm (or 3 feet) by the end of 2 months. It’s going to take a lot of refining to get to that. Yes, SIF can easily hit higher with less time spent on it, but i like SI.


There are really only four skills to learn in trials: jumping, landing, still standing, and riding skinnies. Just work on improving those four skills at whatever level you are.

Is pedal grabbing included in jumping and landing because it is a useful skill

Sure, pedal grabbing is a landing skill.

Yes, but most of those have sub categories that also require a lot of practice, it’s like me saying street is only rolling hops, flips, spins, and grinds.

I have nothing against SI I’m just saying that if you want to stick to trials unicycling, within a couple years of riding, when that extra 20 cm or so will help you, you might wish you knew SIF. Really though, it doesn’t matter becasue you have to be really skilled to be riding trials lines with 120cm high obstacles. I believe it’s good to know both because like I said before, SIF can be bad at times or isn’t really needed at times.

sort of i suppose but with street you can change a trick in so many different ways and there are so many variations and possibilities. trials is more just conquering the obstacle or doing the line the smoothest and best way possible. There are things you can incorporate from street like unispins up things for example but basically theres not much more to it than improving on the things phlegm said.

I understand what your saying, but i want to make it clear that SI trials can do as big of hops as SIF. I’m not saying ive ever seen this, but using technique im creating in myself, i should be able to hit what SIF riders are hiting, and it it fine.

I know you can get height easily, but whos saying not to take the sport to the next level. On ‘Into the thunder dragon’ i think i remember Kris saying something about that the sport is still developing, theres room to create anything. Something along the lines of that i would supose. I dont mean to be argumentive or anything, i dont even know why im posting back, im just saying that i plan to atleast take SI, for myself, to the heights of SIF.

Yeah, but I think it’s more manageable to work on four types of skills instead of 80 individual skills. Also, unlike street, with trials you need all four of those things working together to be successful on many obstacles, regardless of the individual skills you know. So, just figure out which one of the four is weakest and why, and then focus on improving that skill.