learning to ride trials

been thinking of learning trials unicycling, i enjoy muni on my kh24 but would like to learn trials to improve my skills and also something i can do in the garden

do i need a 20 unicycle to learn or does it just make it easier ?

what do you think to 19" Impact ‘Reagent’ Shortneck Unicycle for learning? currently on offer or should i get a cheaper basic one to start with ?

Hello Jerome. I think you should buy the best that you can afford. You will have a better experience on a well built unicycle which will encourage you to practise more. You are already able to ride a unicycle so you’re less likely to quit. Buying a cheap uni will probably cost you more in the long run,should you decide to upgrade in the future.

Hi @jerome,

What a coincidence… I am at the same point of decision to make.
I wasn’t sure if at my age I will be able to make that switch - as someone who never rode anything like that even not on bicycle.
I have pretty good experience in Muni (non-technical riding though), but it’s obviously not the same.

I was recommended to purchase a QU-AX 20" Muni as it is defined as beginner’s trial unicycle.

I’d also like very much to hear experienced riders’s opinions on this issue.

Good luck!

If you have ridden unicycle for a while, and you think you may get into trials or even something like flatland or basic freestyle it’s worth getting the best you can.

They are relatively cheap given the fun you can have on one. A trials is very versatile with different sized cranks. You can learn many freestyle tricks, flatland tricks and do trials.

I have never ridden the Nimbus trials unicycles; I am sure they are fine. I have a KH longneck, a Impact Gravity, and an Impact Regent.

The problem is once you start upgrading a Nimbus–different cranks, seat etc.-you approach the price of an Impact or KH. If I had to have one, I’d probably get the Regent. The Naomi seat is great for trials and flatland (seat out in front skills), the cranks are nice, and I like the square crown on the Regent, which allows you to do tricks like one-footed-riding etc. And the Impacts often come with a lighter tire than the Maxis. The KH, of course, is tried and true. I love mine, but the hub tends to creak like a lot of others have noticed.

If you are not in a rush, you can probably get a good deal on the trading post.

what length cranks should i i get for trials beginner ?

Probably 137s. Look for used moments if possible. If you want to do flatland at all, they are supposedly better than spirits because they offer more standing room. Though I’ve never tried Spirits for such tricks.

137s are a little long for flatland and freestyle type tricks. Oddly, despite everyone’s advice I seem to be having an easier time with 125s jumping on picnic tables than my 137s. I don’t know why. They just seem more spritely. But the grand majority of people use 137s or 140s for pure trials.

I’d start with 137s.

I finally started to work on the basic stuff… :slight_smile:


nice video, i do similiar stuff on my 24 kh muni mostly practice in garden , is it easier on a smaller wheel ?

but stopped because worried i will wreck my favourite unicycle

I havent bought a trials uni yet… waiting for a deal or if one turns up on ebay.co.uk etc

Hi @jerome,

I also tried jumping stairs with my 26er muni (2.5 inch wheel), but it was rather “clumsy” and made it hard for me to feel confident.
The wheel size does make a difference from my perspective.
These basic jumps don’t justify buying a trial uni of course, but that’s a milestone I have to go through first…
I also already collected several palettes to set a small trials course and I hope to get started real soon playing with it :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Kahun- you doing rolling hops? If so a shorter crank would allow you to apply more power for the same rotation of the wheel for that last bit of the the hop. Static hops I bet you’d do better w/ 137’s, esp to/from precarious spots.

+1 on getting the best uni you can afford. The Regent used to be same $ as the Gravity. I think many had issues of hitting the corners of the frame w/ their knees. Basic Nimbus Trials have the same problem (why the KH & Nimbus Street are curved @ the corners). Its never bothered me though.

I am more or less in the same situation as you, I’ve been riding my 26inch nimbus muni for a while, and to improve my technical skills just purchased a 19inch impact gravity that was on sale from unicycle.co.uk.

My first impression after I received it yesterday is that it rolls much easier than my 26inch. I am used to a certain resistance on the pedals with my 137mm cranks, but with 140mm on a 19inch it feels like I there is no resistance at all. Idling and riding backwards is much easier, but it seems like I need to re-learn static mount and other mounts from scratch. The nice thing is that I can play around on our roof terrace with this without any problems. The 26 inch need a bit more space.

i currently have 2 19" unicycles. A KH20 long neck with 127mm cranks and a Gravity with 137s. I do rolling hops on both. The 127mm length is preferable. Otherwise I don’t notice that much of a different in ability to do static jumping. Still stands and balance lines are a lot easier with the longer cranks. Some flatland/freestyle tricks are easier with the shorter cranks, such as one-footed riding and rolling out of tricks. Other tricks seem easier with the longer cranks, such as leg wraps etc.

I am working on building a true 20" flatland machine using an extra Impact Regent frame I have.

I like the Regent frame because it’s not only a top-end frame, but it’s alo got a square crown which I prefer. I have the gravity (with round crown) because I won the frame in a raffle.

Again, I agree with Kris Holm’s book where he says trials/flatland skills can only improve muni skills. Plus you’ll find yourself riding a lot more since you don’t have to go anywhere to practice on a 19/20". You can bring it anywhere and use it wherever, parking lots, playgrounds etc. It’s quite fun.

Get 137s, but 125s are do-able for trials, i ride a kh/nimbus trials and love it.

20" kh and impact are best I have found so for trials! 24" is do-able for trials have tried it on my old 24 kh but i found it harder though.