Learning to ride from the beginning


I have done search but not really had much luck.
There must be a sticky or tutorial on how to learn to ride a unicycle from the beginning( here is a unicycle , this is how you sit on it etc).
Can someone point me in the right direction please.

thankyou for your time


YouTube is your friend.
This site is nice too. It’s youtube videos organized by category. It has useful links as well.


That’s exactly what I wanted.

Thankyou for your time


Hello Harro,

I started learning in September last year and kept a comprehensive diary. It is on the “Just Conversation” forum and the thread is called “Learning Journal”. You may find some of the early posts helpful, if not at least entertaining :).

The Klaas Bil learning document has excellent suggestions that worked great for me. http://www.xs4all.nl/~klaasbil/uni_beginners.htm See the “Learning to Unicycle” link near the bottom of the page to download the PDF.

Best to you on your learning adventure!


aarons and notsoyoungone … thanks for great websites! I added it in my favorites file!

If you believe that you can truly learn how to ride a unicycle, then your battle is half-won. You have to have the proper mental attitude when it comes to learning how to ride a unicycle. Just think positively and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you learn to ride.


I too started by watching YouTube videos.
Here’s what I did (November 2009):

  • Sit on uni and hold onto a wall; figure out how not to sit on my "meat and 2 veg"
  • For the first 2 weeks, I would rock back and forth 100 times with my left foot down, then 100 times with my right foot down (about 10-20 minutes every day)
  • After I was comfortable with that and it seemed easier, I would pedal forward for 10 revolutions, holding onto a wall (or a tennis court works well); then back 10 revolutions. (about 20 minutes every day)
  • After about 2 weeks of doing this, I went to a tennis court and would rice from one pole in the chain-link fence, to the next and slowly push it until I could ride (unassisted) farther and farther. (20-30 minutes 3-5 days a week)
  • Once I could ride around the tennis court unassisted for 2 revolutions; I started practicing around my block. (as much as possible; for me, this was 20-30 minutes a day)
  • Once I could ride around the block without any big UPD's (end of December 2009), I took it off-road on well-established trails. This is where my learning curve took off; I have access to some really well-maintained trails close to my house, they start off with a gradual but sustained climb about 500 yards; then, a gradual downhill or a really steep and rocky (but well used) trail. I chose the latter as this challenged me the most. It took me another 3 weeks of climbing the hill in bit with rests in between to be able to ride the steep, rocky downhill without falling every few feet. :D
A few things that helped me notice a huge improvement in my learning process:
  • Better pedals
  • A better seat
  • A proper off-road unicycle
  • Brakes when learning downhill techniques
  • Proper crank lengths (I ended-up buying a bunch so I can experiment with this)
After that, I started accumulating a "quiver" of unis to try different sized wheels/styles of riding so I could be fairly well-rounded from the start. I need to practice my trials/street/flat skills more as it will help with my Muni. I have a 36-er but don't ride it too much; I am much more inclined to ride Muni.

Now, I have no problem riding all kind of terrain. I just went for a 4 mile Muni ride yesterday, tons of uphill riding/hiking and about 2 miles of steep downhill with a trials/obstacle course in the middle. I can ride the wider skinny obstacles pretty well and can hop/ride/jump over most anything in the trail. I have no qualms about riding any 4-10 mile trail as long as I have the time to do it; I am no longer worried about my ability, more about how long it will take… if you keep practicing, you’ll get here.

I am not good at idling or riding backwards; I don’t have the endurance that some of my Muni friends have; I still fall when I am pushing my technical limits… but it’s all improving; this community is essential for anyone who wants to get serious about unicycling.

I love Unicycling and, it’s great for core stability in relation to low back pain. One day, I hope to hold unicycling classes for low back pain rehab, I had a history of daily low back pain that virtually ceased to exist after starting to unicycle (this was one of the reasons I started).

True dat.

Tirving you are fortunate that you are a Unicycling Chiropractor, I could have really used you after practicing tonight and trying to stay on the unicycle!!

Unicycle Physics / Dynamics


I wrote a blog post recently on Unicycle Physics / Dynamics. It’s not comprehensive but may reduce the ‘mental strain’ for learners. I’ve also got my original post from when I was learning.

I myself am still a rookie and have just purchased my third unicycle on eBay.