learning to juggle

i know this isnt about unicyclisg but does anyone have any tips on learning to juggle

Use 3 hacky sacks, that way they cant roll away from you in all directions when you drop them.

Then just start on a regular 3 ball cascade.

my general progression is:

  1. Toss one up and down in each hand (at separate times) until each throw is the same height (about eye level) and returns to exactly where you threw it from. You should always look forwards, not down at your hands.

  2. Hold a ball in each hand. Then, throw from right to left. As this throw peaks, throw from left to right.

  3. Alternate directions in (2). Get really good at this.

  4. Now, throw from R to L (throw 1). At peak, throw from L to R (throw 2) and catch throw 1. At peak, throw R to L and catch throw 2. This is the hardest part. You should always be throwing a new ball whenever one peaks, and you should only be holding one ball at any time.

Many people have trouble because they walk forward as they juggle and they can’t stop it. Some fixes are to stand facing a wall, but I don’t like this. I tell people to consciously throw the ball towards themselves as they juggle.

They make juggling balls that are heavier and larger than hacky sacks and much easier. When I teach someone, I always have them throw one ball back and forth and get that throw perfect and consistent. It needs to be in a plane parallel with your chest(staying the same distance from the plane of your chest). Stand comfortably with your feet at shoulder width and make a nice arc with the ball. Once you are perfect with one, go to two, basically just swapping balls, then three.

yes…definitely. Heavier is easier.

Try using bean-bags or similar, as someone on this thread said. When I learned (mind you, some 25 years ago) I found it very helpful to practice over a bed or couch. That way when things drop you can easily scoop them up and start again. Bean-bags and the like won’t roll away.

Make sure you have good visual contrast between the items and the background.

Try not to move your entire arms too much; you will be more successful if you just move your hands and wrists.

It’s tempting to use tennis balls, but they will bounce in all directions, even off each other. Billiard balls feel good but clank together and you can pinch a finger or two, as well as damage stuff.

Bowling balls are really difficult. I once tried one bowling ball and two billiard balls. It didn’t work and I got major pinched fingers.

Knives are fun, but I’d recommend waiting on that. When you’re ready use butter knives and practice flipping them over. Start with one and flip it over from one hand to another. Again, over a bed or couch so you don’t have to scurry around.

Apples are cool. Eat as you juggle.

If you have juggling friend, you can do a two person juggle which is quite fun.

Finally, juggling while unicycling is, in my opinion, quite difficult. I think the hardest part is picking up the items, but the ever changing background and forward momentum also make it very hard. Perhaps start with just walking, then try the uni.

Just notes from my juggling experiences. One of the cool things I learned while in college :wink: :wink:

well i practiced all day eysterday and i dont see it happening anytime soon, if ever. my mind isnt fast enogh for it. how long did it take you guys to get it, or begin to juggle at all.

One day of practice isn’t going to do it. Keeping trying jsut like unicyling there is sort of a wall where you struggle, struggle, struggle, for even like a half routation, but then you quickly get three, then four, full revoltions and eventually infinite revolutions.

But yeah this shoudl go in JC not RSU

ya sorry i figured more people look here. anyways, i see they sell scarves to learn with because they move slower. do these really make it easier to learn? it seems like slowing things down would give me more time to think untill i get it down

Took me about 4 weeks of practice to learn to juggle.


If it’s not unicycle related it doesn’t belong here, period. I like to use the women’s locker room instead of the men’s because my chances of meeting women are better. Just because you have a reason doesn’t mean it’s okay, especially when you know already know better

Scarves are pointless, I love that you’ve tried juggling for one day and you’re already practically giving up.

Pfft…Just learn the way i did…Throw 6 or 7 billiards balls in the air and see how many you can catch, now thats juggling :roll_eyes: :DHA

But seriously, the way i started was by throwing one ball from one hand to the other then throwing it back…When i could do that with my eyes closed i moved onto two balls(beanbags)

With 2 balls i threw one to the other hand and when it hit its peak i threw the other. When i could doo it with my eyes closed i moved to 3 balls.

For three it was pretty much the same process. Throw one, peak, throw next, peak, throw third, peak, throw first again, peak, and so on.

Now i can cascade balls with my eyes closed…Its very relaxing:)

Sorry missed this post first time…


Theres nothing in the world slower than a 3 ball cascade at eye height. Scarves are stupid and useless… They dont acctually teach you anything except for tha pattern. Scarves will only make it harder to do balls when the time comes because it a completely different hand/arm movement. Just keep practicing…or go out and buy a set of $60 balls…That way you have motivation to get good fast.


whoa whoa whoa!! what’s that all about? He simply asked a question, whether they would be helpful. I’m sure for some people they are, but just because he’s asking for tips on easier ways to learn doesn’t mean he’s giving up!

be a little nicer… :angry:

damn calm down i said i was sorry and no i didnt give up at all, ive been practicing non stop all day and ive gotten better faster than i thought i would. i can do 3 billiard balls for a while till i throw one to far forward or to far past my hand. i plan on spending all tomorrow and the next day and the next day and so on till i have it

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