Learning to high jump

How would I get started with the high jump

Lots of stuff if u use the search function.

Looks like SIF hopping is a requirement.

I love riding but I just cant figure out the high jusp im not sure what im doing wrong but Im determined to learn I have watched all the vidieos was just wondering if anyone had any tips for me. :stuck_out_tongue:


It helps, if you have a 19" wheel with a large volume tyre. The Monty eagles claw tyre generates a lot of spring. What type of unicycle are you riding and have you learned to bunny hop yet.

Start with hopping over cracks in the pavement both seat in and seat out. Then work on hopping up stairs. Get some pallets and bits of scrap wood that you can jump on. A good rule is if you can make the hop 3 times in a row, then it’s time to raise the height. Practice every day no excuses.

That’s pretty much it.

In my experience it takes several months of daily practice to get the hang of it.

Im useing a 24" torker that ive had for 10 years. I can do stairs but cant seem to get higher. I work on it when I can I got two small kids and am also working its kinda hard to find time but I ride about every other day even of it is for acouple min.

Which model? DX is better but a LX can work. A trials (19") would be better when u start hopping more than two stairs at a time.

Every day is very important. Practice a few min before work, bring the uni in the car and on lunch break, and when u get home. 15 min each could give u big improvements. Or better yet commute on the uni and hop up curbs and stairs along the way, ideally w/ no prehops.

Im not sure which one it is.

Cotterless cranks = LX, CX, or AX.
Splined = DX

An LX has a smoothish tire and isn’t a muni. You should be able to learn some with an LX, I can’t hop much higher than a foot, but I learned that on one.

I think I have a dx. So many things have been replaced on it over the years I’m not exactly sure though

If you’re really curious to know you could post some pics of it and we could identify it for you.

Im not sure how to put a pic right here but I got one on my profile.

Theirs a pic of it on my profile thats the best I can do

That looks like a cx with a replaced seat and tire.

The seat is from a 6ft uni I filled it down to fit my hight. Thanks for helping me figure it out with what type it is.

U could learn the basics w/ that CX, but I’d get a splined uni before long (19" trials for hopping stuff)

To make it last hop UP only when doing more than a curb or one stair (hop up, climb down). Also make sure the spokes are tensioned and alternate foot forward. Try not to press down too hard but emphasise springing and pulling the uni up. To get the spring is a combination of right tire pressure and timing the hop w/ the natural spring of the tire (very short time pushing down).

Also work on speed. Eg hop up a fight of stairs w/ one hop each.

Or rotate your cranks, but do that too many times and u will start to strip the square end of the cranks and/or axle on a cotterless hub.

Some do this by several teeth on their splined unis. It distributes the repeated stress over the whole wheel and takes care of the need to rotate the tire.