Learning Small Spins...

Basically, should I learn body varials in the direction I unispin first or should I just try rotate as much as I can when I unispin and eventually I’ll be able to get right round. How did other people learn them?

Thanks very much.

Granted, I can only do 180 unispins so far, but I just tried jumping up, getting my legs out of the way, spinning the uni 180, and getting my feet on the cranks (not the pedals)… You’re about half my age, so you’ll prolly have 360’s down within a month if you keep practicing (the most important part).

You can try learning Smallspin jump mounts. They are pretty easy. Click on the Smallspin trophy in my signature, I do a “practice” Smallspin mount, I think it helped a lot.

K thanks, will do.

Okay I was bored. Here is a break down of a Smallspin mount. Why, you ask, did I not break down the actual Smallspin?
Well this shows all the same movements(timing is a little different) but is bit slower and shows the movements more, plus it is a great way to start warming up for the real thing. After about 5 of these you should have a feel for how the Smallspin will go down. Its a pretty easy trick, and I remember is being very fun to learn.

Hope this helps:
1.Clear you mind think about what your about to do. – 2. Start spinning the uni getting your other hand ready to catch the saddle / start to spin your upper body with the unicycle, think about aiming your shoulder.

3.Now you are leaving the ground, jumping and letting your lower body follow your shoulders. – 4. you are in the air you body should be about half way around and your non spinning hand should be catching the seat. The 180 unispin should be about done by now, your upper and lower body should be pretty even and setting up for the landing.

5.Now you are ready to stomp the landing, look for the pedals, at this point your lower body may have to spin ahead of your upper body so you can catch the pedals. – 6. Line up your shoulders with the wheel, you should be the exact opposite way from when you started, not 90, or 130. STOMP that landing and pedal away smooth.

When you land the real thing, remember: Play it cool, dont jump around with your arms in the air. Don’t act like its a rare thing for you to land the trick, no sweat right.:wink:

Picture 20.png

Picture 21.png

Picture 22.png

Picture 24.png

Picture 25.png

Picture 27.png

Thanks very much. They’re next on my agenda after 360 uni spins.