Learning periods

Beirne Konarski had a list of learning periods for beginners

  1.  Extreme awkwardness
  2.  Enough stability to move
  3.  Ability to let go and go a few pedals.
  4.  A long period with no apparent process.
  5.  Breakthrough rides of 30 revolutions or more.
  6.  Consistent longer riding.

I have found that these also apply to learning other skills, too. To know that
you may be stuck in period 4 for a while may be frustrating but to know that
you can eventually move to breakthrough brings hope.

At what point do you consider having learned a (a skill) to ride? When asked
(how long did it take) I answer “I’m still learning.” Yet, for myself I think
that “breakthrough” is a milestone on having learned a skill.

– Dirk Iwema Cincinnati, Ohio USA Internet: iwema_dirk@ae.ge.com

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