Learning new terrain

My wife and I celebrated our fifth anniversary on a small island called
Ocracoke in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This was just over the
weekend. (We trade off who plans the yearly adventure – this time it was
she – and I beamed to see her pack my Torker into the truck along with our

So, besides kayaking, restaurants, and cool evenings on the screened-in
porch of the bed and breakfast, I made a tour of the village and surprised
myself. I’m still a beginner, but was able to seamlessly pedal from
concrete to road-side sand, from gravel to grass, and up and down a rickety
wooden dock, all without dismounting.

It was the first time Dawn had witnessed one of my rides, and she excitedly
told me about all the people we passed. “People kept saying, ‘Wow, look at
him!’ ‘He’s good!’ ‘Hey, that’s neat!’,” she told me. Ahh, the joy!

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