Learning curve

After 15 years’ riding alone in a world without other unicyclists, restricted to an ancient 20 incher, my riding has taken off this year, and I’m learning more every day.

Today, I fitted 170 mm cranks to my Pashley Muni, in place of the original 150s. I did this after finding that the 24 inch Nimbus was better on uneven ground as long as the traction was good. It’s all to do with the ratio of the crank length to the wheel radius.

With the longer cranks, the 26 inch Pashley idles at least as easily as my 20 inch Nimbus, and the fine control at low speed is amazing. As a lightweight person, descents have always been a problem, with the pedals catapulting me to dramatic heights (as Arnold the Aardvark will confirm). So, whomever I advised last week not to p*** about changing the cranks… I was wrong. It makes the uni 100 times better.

And once again, I cannot recommend Unicycle.uk.com highly enough. Cranks ordered late Wednesday night, received Friday. Brilliant. :0)