Learning at night

Would learning to ride at night be better, or worse? For the past few nights I’ve been on the riding alongside the airstrip, holding onto my friend’s shoulder to learn. I noticed I’m not tempted to look down, because I can’t see anything. But then, I can’t see anything ahead of me, either.

Light is your friend. Riding and particularly learning at night is more difficult than in daylight. The degree of difficulty in night riding varies between people but I know I rely on my eyesight for balance a lot.


I learned mainly at night. I don’t it was any more difficult then during the day. Actually, most of my skills learning still happen at night. Distance and MUni are my only uni day activities. I think you should just go out when ever you can.


I seem to learn more at night.
Less traffic, and I dedicate more time to learning skills rather than riding.

Yeah it’s seems best to practice at night, no one around, good amount of street to attempt to ride on, and not as hot.

As long as you have a flattish surface and enough light for safety, you should be just as able to learn at night as in the day time. When you can ride, riding across slightly uneven ground with your eyes shut is a good confidence building exercise.

I must reply on my vision a lot more than others.

I try not to reply to anything when I ride :smiley:

Wow, I just read my previous post on this thread… That’s pretty funny. I was a bit tipsy at the time so pardon my grammar.

What I meant to say was that I like riding at night because, like others have stated, it’s cooler and there are fewer people around. I normally ride in will lit areas like basketball courts and the like. I don’t try learning new tricks in the dark or anything like that.