Learning at 30

Hi all, new to the forums.

I’m a 30 year old female who’s wanted to unicycle for all of my life, but never been allowed!!

Luckily for me, my partner bought me a 20" for Christmas and I’m gonna finally get cracking!!

I’ve spent about 2 hours inside and practicing “idling” (really just holding on to a counter and pretending to balance) and about an hour outdoors flinging myself from an wall into the great outdoors.

So far I’ve managed mounts against a brick (stopping a roll back?) and managed to wobble a whole 1 revolution (or 2 steps) unsupported. Really all I’ve managed is to quickly wiggle my legs as a fall…but I understand from reading loads of threads on this forum that that’s all there is to it in the beginning.

My inner upper thighs are killing and I’m guessing that’s coming from rubbing on the seat?

I’m open to any and all advice that anyone is willing to give, and if anyone is in the north east region of England, gimme a shout :slight_smile:

Happy “falling with style” everyone

Welcome to the forum, UniRosie! It sounds like you are making a great start!
My only advice is to have patience, and stick with it. Try to practice a little while every day (if you can). In my experience, multiple short practices are better than one long one. This is all about training the brain, and developing “muscle memory.”
Almost all riding problems can eventually be solved by more riding. Keep in mind the unicyclist’s mantra: “Hours in the saddle.”
Good luck, post updates, and post photos and videos! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, especially one from Old Albion…

Check out the Spinning Woman thread a tad lower down on the forum than your starter… Beginner… Devon I think… sorry I am hopeless at remembering things… Happy New Year to you anyway.
The inner thighs will chafe like the deuce for a bit, you will come off (UPD) a lot, but seriously, stick with it, it gets easier as you learn, or rather the brain to configure itself to balancing. More the better… !!!

Another beginner - Devon UK

This is the thread, full of wonderful feminine advice etc… lots of info from the experts as well…

Thanks for the replies guys, I’m gonna try to practice practice practice.

I actually read the thread about the cycling vicar from Devon and enjoyed it very much!!

I suspect that daily practice in the winter will be restricted to either indoors or maybe 20 minutes in my back garden (still too shy to go in the street at my own house, parents is a different matter) but on Monday I have a whole day to dedicate and I’m hoping to spend 30 mins / an hour on the uni and 30 mins watching videos or on the forum.

I’m going with the balance and fling method- fully believe that holding a wall will hinder me (correct if wrong) I ride a motorbike and I can wheelie and trick balance on that so I think my sidey sidey balance might be okay. I’ve only fallen off the front which I think means pedal more haha

Yes, I’m glad I started learning in the summer! It’s a lot harder to squeeze in practice time with short days and poor weather. It sounds like you’ve got a good start on it - for some reason, I found the side to side balance really hard. Good luck, and just don’t give up!

Thanks SpinningWoman. Your post was the first I read in its entirety on this site and I’m overjoyed with your progress!!!

I’m not gonna give up now, haha. Totally got the bug. Going from one step to two steps was amazing! So when I get to 3 it’ll be even better.

Hi Rosie, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m also from the north east of England, a little seaside town called Cleethorpes, if you’ve heard of it? Maybe we could meet for a practice session sometime.

Hi Juni, thanks for the offer, I’m significantly more north than that (but just as east) in newcastle, so still a 3 hours drive :frowning:

That is the best way to learn. IMO. No walls, post or fences just go for it. Launch off your brick and away you go. When you are going far enough get a brick at each end.

And we don’t fall we have UPD’s, unplanned dismounts. :smiley:

Welcome to the one wheel family!

Not far from some of my ancestral grounds. My mother’s paternal grandfather was born in Caistor and lived in Laceby before emigrating to Australia in 1886. My grandmother was still in contact with relatives in Grimsby in the 1970s.

Welcome! I didn’t learn until age 47 so don’t let that slow you down. As far general pain just hang in there, it will get better.

Thanks so much everyone for your words of encouragement, I’m going to take the uni with me today in case I get a spare 5 minutes to practice mounting and getting my balance :slight_smile:

So we can assume you fully master the accent from your neighbors from even further north… :smiley:

So here’s my favorite tutorial:

Thanks for that video, I love it!!!

Thanks for the support everyone. I’ve noticed that the upper inner thigh area is like purple with bruises so I’m wondering if everyone goes that or if I’m maybe mounting slightly wrong…

LOL @ that video!!

The bruising on your thighs should ease up once you’re past the beginner stages, and start putting your weight on the saddle. I used to grip the saddle with my thighs when I started learning.

I’m very consciously trying to put my butt in the seat, but you’re right, think I’m probably gripping haha.

I get bruises on my inner thighs once in a while, usually when I’m practicing a new skill and the saddle bangs into my leg. But it’s not too common.
You might want to try wearing thigh-length cycle shorts (the tight ones). A lot of riders wear these, it makes riding a bit more comfortable, and might prevent some bruising (and chafing).
Cheers! :slight_smile:

Cool, you have lots of resources in your area to help then. It will speed things up if you just meet up with some other unicyclists. The nearest group to you is Circus Central in Jesmond. I don’t know who is riding there at the moment, but may be worth a call, they certainly have had quite a few riders there; but mostly kids.

Best is to go down the road to Billingham. You will find JUST there on Thursday evenings. It is a big unicycle/Juggling club that has great facilities and lots of mixed aged riders there. You will find lots of encouragement there.

Or… you could just pop over to Durham on Tuesday nights. I go there and can help you learn. The club is small but really nice, all adults and I always have my unicycle there. Hall is not massive, but good for learners and there is often someone hanging onto a wall or wobbling around.


You are right, don’t grip, sit! Also tilt the seat up as far as it can go in the front, that helps.

Don’t wear jeans or other trousers with a double seam on the inside, best to wear padded cycle shorts, they really help.