Learned the one foot

watch my 30 second :slight_smile: One Foot Clip:slight_smile:

Now you need to learn how to turn to the left, how to idle one footed, how to ride with the other foot, ride with the foot extended, … :slight_smile:


George you are an alien. That is the only logical explanation. I think many unicyclists are. :smiley:

Woo-hoo for George!

Last Monday at club, Lucas, an 11 year old and I were working on one-foot riding together. I’d get 4 revolutions, he’d get 5. I’d get six, he’d get 8. Everytime I would go ahead, he’d get a long face and say, “Now I’m worse than you.” Then I got 11 at the end of the night and thought I had it in the bag. As we were cleaning up, Lucas came away with 12 revs and in front of his mother too. I was pretty proud of him. Thing is, Lucas has been riding for six or eight weeks and I’ve been working on one-footing for a year and a half.

So George, again I say Woo-hoo for you! I know you haven’t been riding very long. Way to pull it off!

From the chat room…“Now I’m impressed!”


Re: Learned the one foot

grumble, grumble, huff, huff… :frowning:

kidding, way to go
hope to be there soon


Very smooth…nice uni too. I haven’t seen a 24" freestyle uni in a while.


Kids, you never know to be proud of them of just jealous of them.

I learned one foot last year to where I could consistently do the “levels test” of 10M then back to pedals. Since then I have been trying to master figure 8. Two weeks ago it was like I had never one footed before in my entire life then last week it was easy, go figure.

As for one-footing on the non-dominant foot, I would like to say it is impossible (and JC and my daughter are aliens). So far it is impossible for me…someday.

By the way… that “24 inch freestyle” is just a 24" Sun with hoseclamps for one footed tricks.

Yes, but it has a nice tyre. :slight_smile: