Learn and Relearn

This almost should go in “Today I landed…” but It’s decent length although repetitive.

Don’t expect any variety or creativity, but it feels good to feel consistent with some of these tricks finally!

That was sick, I like your style :slight_smile:

I need to try varial double, it looks awesome

Your riding is so smooth! The fifthflips were amazingly clean and it’s cool to see how consistent you are!

wow, totally missed this video, really nice!
looks like you’re as consistent with flat as you are at trials, roughly in a ?/10 type manner how often would you say you can fifth? :slight_smile:

before the day of the video, it was about 1/80. I think now it’s around 3/10 which still isn’t that great but it just feels good to actually land it without spending my whole practice trying over and over and over again just to land it only once.