I have a problem with my 29" that I just can’t see any reason for. While riding, I feel like I have to learn to the right all the time to keep balance. And if I look down, I can see only the left side of the rim. I cannot see any reason for this as everything seems straight. Anyone else have tried this?

Check the frame for " true-ness "
I have a Torker I bought in 2005 that has the same issue.

The forks are not at 90 degrees to the seat post or the cross member.

Thus … it is not " true ".

Look for bent forks / seat post or incorrectly welded joints on the frame.
Frame should be " squared ".

I can’t see anything off. Could it be the tire somehow?

Get your T-square out…
( I have a 3 foot one )
If not … lay the frame on the floor without wheel hubs or seat.

Frame should lay " flat " ---- all even on floor
Trace the outline on large cardboard …
… look for 90 angles on everything.
. stand the frame upright on the floor without wheel
use a level with a water " bubble " to look for off - center

Just a slight degree off on any weld can be felt.

Make sure the saddle is perfectly straight. I’ve had that issue on my 29" before, and turning the saddle a little bit helped correct it.

I get the “Traced the outline” idea.
But exactly how would you use a 3 foot T-square to check it? There aren’t any flat edges to hold against.

I check and check!!

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Yea … my torker was the same …

Lay the square on the floor 1st …
lay the frame on top …
… yes … you will have to " eyeball it "

standing the frame upright
( with out the hub caps )
… will tell you if one fork is longer … or bent also
( put the T-square flat on floor and slide it next to the forks on either side … )

and as MrWombat said earlier … look at the seat base ( under the cover )
… give a good look at the post to seat bracket …

Okay, I will have a good look at it tomorrow.
However, I do suspect it has more to do with the wheel than with the frame.

Turn the saddle 180° and go for a ride. If the feeling is exactly the same, then the problem is not the uni but your posture. If it changes drastically, it’ll be time to take several measurements of the frame, wheel etc

Interesting idea. However, I don’t want to unscrew my pedals and ruin them by going backwards.

Pedals will be fine if you go for a 5 minute ride. You’ll probably know in less than a minute if it feels exactly the same or radically different.


For sure!
The reason I suspect it’s the tire (though, I can’t see how) is because I felt a radical difference after changing it to a road tire.

Some roads have slopes to them so water drains off.

Mike Adams

Yeah, I have been on and off-road with it. This is something I have struggled with for 2-3 weeks. I thought that I just needed to get used to the new tire. But something is still off.

Check the bead of the tire is seated even all around and on both sides.

Maybe running too low a pressure in the tyre? Do you still have the issue when at close to max psi?

No, that is not it.
I will try to change up a few things. It most be something I did.

In my experience, this can also be down uneven backpack straps, a seat that’s not straight, or bent pedal axles.

I think that might be it. I can feel that I’m always sliding to the right side of the seat. My one ass-cheek goes of the seat haha :smiley:
I took the seatpost off. The KH stiffener plate and put it back on. Now the cycle is learning to the other side! I’m getting annoyed with this.