Leaning To My Right

I have noticed that when I ride I tent to fall to my right. I brace myself occasionally up against the wall. However, I always fall toward the wall (my right). Does anyone know what would cause that, and how do I prevent it? :confused:

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While I’m not sure you are talking about the same thing I’ve been thinking about lately - but over time I am certainly noticing asymmetries in how my body operates when unicycling.

I’ll over-exaggerate to try to explain where I’m at with it. My right leg is brutish and dominant, while my left leg (and side) is more nimble and reserved BUT often keeps the ship in check. It’s much more subtle than that in reality, but yeah, I do notice that. I’m not surprised of this in general due to, well, biology, but its interesting to notice.


Ahhh, My dominant leg is my right one. Also, when I sit in my chair to look at this phone, I lean on the left armrest. That is why this happens. How do I overcome the problem?

Probably the first step is to learn to do things with both legs. Like, learn to freemount with both right and left. If you are weak with turning right (for example), work on that.

Beyond actively addressing it with things like that, I’d guess just bulk amounts of riding will at least help over time.

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Sounds like a working plan. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you place the wall on your left, do you start falling toward the left?

If so, then you are falling toward your support (the wall) for safety.

If that is the case, it will naturally lessen as you venture further and further from the wall.

But, if you always ride with the wall to your right, you may create a habit of leaning to the right. If you place the wall on your left 50% of the time. You might keep that from happening.

Regardless, the more you ride, the less you will notice it happening.


I have never done that, because it always felt so awkward. Like trying to write with your opposite hand.

I will try that then, and see if it balances things out.

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I remembar having a similar issue of often leaning to one side. I believe it was almost cured when I aqquired the skill of being able to reposition myself on the saddle while riding. And that first happened after I learned to ride with a hand on the saddle most of the time.

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I tried thst today. Mainly due to the fact that at one time I felt compelled to do that. You had sucess with it. I thought I would to. Unfortunately, it didn’t go so well for me. So, I solved the problem by using the fence to my right instead. I wouldn’t say it cured me, but it did help.

I was struggling with the leaning and was really frustrated about it until i read this thread. After reading this thread I wanted to try to focus really hard on my left foot being more active and it worked perfectly.

I am still struggling with this, but found that if i focus really hard on using my left foot, the leaning is decreasing. I also tend to mount the unicycle easier if i focus on balancing on the left foot, but I am not sure if that is the case or it is just my extra concentration that makes it easier to mount.

Thank you for the thread, it made my day yesterday!