Laur's Uni pics

Hey everyone,
I posted some pics of my uni in the gallary,

People have been asking what kind of uni i have, and details about it, SO i thought pictures would help all!!


Happy Trails, Laur

how is that IRC it lighter that a Gazz?

It is Lighter than a Gazz.
The sidewalls are thinner, it has less volume, and has a rounder profile. I really like it, Although the one thing that is a real downside is the rounder profile.

If you’re looking for a good DH tire that’s lighter than a Gazz you should check out an Intense tire.


Intense 24" tires arent any lighter than the gazz. they also have lower volume and rounder profile. I like them for Muni only, but not so much for an all around tire. the 24x3 kujo is actually slightly bigger than the gazz, but the sidewalls are very thing, and if used for trials will only last about 3 months.

I of course meant to say thin, that extra g is not recommended.

Re: Laur’s Uni pics

>I posted some pics of my uni in the gallary,

Hey… I’ve seen this cycle. It’s sweeeeett!!!

Cheers, Greg
26" monster muni and now a 20" trials toy

EH! Greg!! now you’ve seen my seat eh?
Nice and comfy…

Thanks tons for the cover! I was dissapointed when you dropped it off at my house and i wasn’t home to thank you, but all the same, you’re an awesome guy!..Also we MUST get together (You, Dylan, and I) for a ride soon!!