latest summit [paint] incarnation!

Didn’t like the yellow after all, (too “LOUD” for my tatse) so today I did it all over again, but with “textured” metallic coating. Paint color is “graphite”. It also states that it has superior metal AND plastic adhesion, which is good since I did the seat bumpers too! btw, the uni really looks better than the pics portray. :smiley:



thats pretty sweet.
I liked the yellow, but I think I like this one even better…

Thanks, I think I like it quite alot more. Maybe this shot taken inside with a flash looks a little better…not sure. whatever…gonna let it dry really good overnight, then put it to the test Mon-yawna! :stuck_out_tongue:

looks very very nice, i would like one that color.
and sorry to jack this thread but are viscount seats nice?

I really like the viscount because it’s not too thick or fat like other seats. Also with the KH handle on the front it’s perfect for me, plus it doesn’t have to be as “comfy” as my coker or muni since I spend most of the time off the seat.:smiley:

no offesne but i liked the loudnest of the other color…it just spoke to me if you kno what i mean. but its not my uni…that colour looks really good to though…kindo like a hammermill effect.

Part of the reason I changed the color is that the yellow was chipping easily, and this paint goes on thicker with texture so maybe it will be more resistant to chips and scratches. Plus the nature of the finish will make touch-ups easier, and less detectable.

ohhh ok than…but i still like the yellow…im gonna get my uni powder coated neon yellow now…just to be different.

btw how did that interview you did go?

Interview seemed to go well. The reporter just turned on his tape recorder and asked questions about muni, how I got into it, how long I’ve been doing it, and stuff like that. But most of all he just wanted me to talk and give him an “overview”-on seemingly everything! He’s coming along (he’ll be on foot, of course) on this Sunday’s SB Muni ride; if it doesn’t rain that is. He wants to get some live-action shots. The article should be coming out maybe next week.:smiley:

viscount seats suck for long distance but are perfect for trials because its pretty thin and dosen’t have any bolts under it:)

anyways, that uni looks too quiet now:o you should paint it lime green like that one person did. (im too lazy to find the thread)

“Quiet”(er) was really my intention; or maybe slightly “muted”, or even “toned down” a bit, but when the sun hits it, it really sparkles! Yeah, it’s a bit on the quiet side, color-wise, but I plan on making it SCREAM when I ride it! Actions speak louder than colors. :slight_smile: