Latest KH MUni paint scheme!

I was tired of the standard Camo job I did on my '07 KH muni, mostly because it didn’t match the hub and rim tape, and I didn’t want to go throught the hassle of de-lacing/re-lacing the wheel and all that, just to camo the hub, so…

I just re-camo’d the frame to match the two main colors of the Muni-Black & Blue! And the old camo job on the helmet had to be redone too. Here she is: :sunglasses:

It’s beautiful. Wow. :slight_smile:


That looks good, you really like painting your stuff.

That’s cool, i’m planning on painting my freestyle uni.

Have you got any tips, and what colour do you think i should do it to match my new leopard skin seat cover?


Not really like doing it, but just mainly wantedd to be different. There’s just so many KH munis and most are the same blue color!

that looks pretty kewl!

Well I’m a bit color blind, but if your seat’s black & white, why not do a camo in B&W? That might look awesome!:smiley:

My seat’s more of a yellow/cream with black spots. Would camo work in those colours, if so which colour do i put on first?

I usually spray on the darkest color first, then use a piece of card paper as a stencil with little patterns cut out, then hold it in random places over the frame while spraying through it.

You can experiment and try different colors, but usually two or three are all you need for a cool effect. finish with a clear coat to protect it.

How’s this for a nice “mirror” finish!

doesn’t that hurt your shins???:slight_smile:

cool how do you get the paint to bond well because, I striped the paint off my kh muni primed a couple coat’s and paited it a couple coats. Add im still able to scratch it off with my finger

Very nice!!!:wink:

wow, that is amazing

Yeah that’s a problem with spray paints. All I can say is make sure each coat is dry/cured before applying the next coat. I think you can over do it with too many coats, and a couple thin coats will dry faster and harder.

Then apply clear coat the same way. Finally I like to burnish with quad-0 steel wool. It’s still going to get scratched and nicked up, but the same thing happens to the best powder coat finishes too; just not as fast.:slight_smile:

Nice paint job. I may try the iridescent powdercoating on my frame this summer.

What type of helmet is that? I like all the protection in the back. Is it hot in the summer? Thanks.

That’s my regular skate helmet that I’ve used in all my vids, 'cept that I painted it the same scheme as my Muni.

**BTW, In keeping with the new Black & Blue paint job…I’ve renamed my Muni to: “The Bruiser!”:slight_smile: :sunglasses: :smiley:

What kind of paint are you using? Rust-Oleum makes some great spray paint that has held up in most situations where I’ve used it. Any of their paints will work well on aluminum, but they said their Painter’s Touch series works the best. Don’t forget the clear coat.

Something tells that might be a new frame design to come. Also that might just be the next best seat to come. It can happen. :smiley: :smiley: