Last time I promise for Which one is best!

I know I am probably being painful but it comes down to these two:

Torker 20" LX Unistar for AUD $230- OR

QUAX 20" Profi for AUD $260-

Is it worth spending the extra $30- or save it??

I’d love some opinions and feedback (it has helped a great deal so far:)


I would go with the QuAx. I have a Torker CX24", a Torker LX26", and a Torker LX Pro20". The LX Pro is a nice unicycle and has an ISIS hub, but the Torker LX model has a weak hub and an uncomfortable saddle. Looking at the QuAx, it appears that the QuAx has an ISIS hub and that would serve you much better. I would guess that the seat is better too. …worth the extra money.

the only thing that quax has that is better is that its isis(if it is).
the lx is strong but weighs more. to tell you how strong it is Pele rode one for about a month.

Thanks for the feedback, it has helped a great deal. QUAX it is then I think :slight_smile:

I have a QUAX cross & profi that I use for teaching. Great Unis you wont be sorry. The difference between them in pedals (cross spikey alloy, profi smooth plastic), tyre (cross all terrain, profi smooth), crank length (cross 125, profi 100 but I changed them to 125).
I ride 20 & 26 QUAX Muni, very happy with them.