Last day of summer Coker ride



I am a newbie just learning on a torker 24 lx. Been about 3 weeks. I want to learn to ride good before I buy a Coker.

That is some awesome scenery!!!

Mike, brrrrr is really not enough info. Where was it and how high and what temp? A bunch of us rode down to Rick Hunter’s shop today in Watsonville, Ca (elevation about 50’ above sea level). Quite a warm and nice ride! I asked him about another wide hub Hunter36 for Beau, and he says, “I have a couple in stock - how about this one?” Very cool.


Better get out the snow tire Mike.

Take care.

Incredible pic Aspen Mike. The only time I see pics like that, iI’m looking at a calendar!

Question: What length cranks are on that Coker? --chirokid–

Great pic!

Not enough info, I couldnt type, my fingers were still frozen… ok , It’s one of my staple high altitude rides. I was at 12,300’ on Independance Pass. It was snowing at the time as well, so the temp was around 30 F. That’s so awesome that Beau is getting a Hunter 36, he is going to be rippin past all of us real soon. Take care.

Question: What length cranks are on that Coker? --chirokid–

I use Kooka 170’s, which is the shortest I would recommend for distance/climbing combo rides.

Winter Ride

up here in Fairbanks Alasks some ride with studs all winter.
I’m trying to get a coker. would you recommend it?

My dad would drill sheet metal screws into our knobby tires on the motorcycles we owned so we could race on the frozen lakes in our area …

He fell thru once exploring the edges. Luckly, he was able to keep a toe on the handlebars while he held onto the surface ice.
Someone else ripped some barbed wire off an old fence, and they pulled him, and it out.

removed spark plug, kicked the water out of the cylinder, and replaced plug, started back to the campfire :smiley: