Largest tire on a 1.75 rim?

At long last, I’ve finnaly bought a BC wheel, something I’ve been wanting for quite some time. I got a pre-built 48 radial spoked BMX wheel, with a 14mm axle. It comes with an AlexMX22 Rim, which is a 1.75 rim.

Should I just get a 1.75 tire and tube, or could I go for something a bit wider, like 2.125 maybe?

My Bedford plates should be here soon and I expect to have both the wheel and plates here by the end of the week. I’ll probably just scurry down to my LBS with the thing and try out some tires for size, but any suggestions on tires?

yup 2.125 is as big as it will go…thats what i have on my 1.75 rim. so ur good with that. just take an old bmx ture or sumthing

I think its not a matter of how big it can fit, but how big you should use. It might fit, but wont work well. In that case I can’t help you much.

What BC did you get?

I’m still thinking about trying to see how SMALL a tire can fit an Alex DX 32 rim…

catboy…the 2.175 looks fine on a i.75 rim…or atleats mine does

forrestunifreak: maybe a 2.2 will fit on an alex dx32…never kno till ta try

Ah, I’m gonna put a 1.75 tire on the Alex DX.

Yeah, I’m probably gonna get a 1.95 or so BMX tire. It’s just whatever my LBS has in stock for cheap.

Kenda K-RADs are 15$ CDN at my LBS. While I’m not exactly a BC wheel master (or even apprentice) at this point, the tire definitely works. Nice and cheap, semi-knobby.

edit: I bought a 48-spoke pre-built BMX wheel, with a 20" AlexMX22 rim. Put 4" angle iron plates on it, it works pretty well, although I assume if they were longer (and lighter) the bc would be easier to ride.

I used a 1.75 on my alex, it worked PERFECT, the side walls of the tire were just bearly over the edge of the rim side walls…How ever…I let my tire run a little too low and i tryed to plate tap off a curb and the tire folded and the rim struck ground givng it a huge dent.

You can put a 4" tire on a 1.75 rim, anything will fit, its a matter of if you care how often it will fold. you proly dont want ot go much bigger than 3.0

Are we talking about 20" x 1.75" ?

If so, what are those 2.5, 3.0 and 4.0 tires?
I know the 4.0 tire is the one on the Nimbus Boomerang but the others…