Largest tire actually put on a Torker LX?

I want to upgrade the tire on my torker LX. right now it has the standard wheel 24 x 1.75 i believe. Ive read the forums and Ive seen two answers as to what will fit, a 2.3 and a 2.1.

Has anyone actually put one of theses tires on an LX or possibly even gone larger? :thinking: ( there’s a thread that says a gazz will fit a DX but i dont know if thats a wider frame or not, that also seems to be debated in the threads.)

My LX is a 2004 model (at least I think it is I just got it about a month and a half ago but I dont think there is a 2005 model).

I would like the tire to be lightly knobby (no muni, just light trails and stuff walking the dogs). Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks… :smiley:

The 2005 DX frames are MUCH wider.The old ones barely fit a 2.3.

I had a 2.2" on my LX.

Was it a smooth (road) tire or knobby? Did you use the same rim or did you have to change that too?

The rims fine. I think its the same rim on the DX.

It was a knobby wal-mart brand tire.

That’s what i was hoping to use. I saw a 24" Keneda (sp?) tire at wal-mart. I like those tire’s (they are whats on my mountain bike and have held really well.

Thanks for the info…

Re: Largest tire actually put on a Torker LX?

yes that was a 2005 model (which do exist) as for the debate. its kinda hard to debate the photos i posted in that thread dont you think?

I have a 2.1" knobby Specialized tire on my 2004 24" Torker LX. I think I could go bigger, but I haven’t tried.

The Lx has the same frame as the Dx(05) I have a 2.25 VERY nobby tire on my Dx and it has so much clearance, I put hte frame around a 2.5 just to see if it had the clearance, With ease.

No, I dont think it is.

Im POSITIVE the 04 LX frame is smaller than the 04 and 05 DX frames.

Ahh, the return of the great torker LX tire size debate.

My LX (I assume an 05, I bought it in 05 and it has the square crown) fits a 2.1" schwinn stingray slick tire with ease- I’m looking at it now and I see about another .15 of an inch between the top of the tire and the frame. There is more clearance on the sides.

Now, I haven’t searced this out, but I never thought about knobbies- is the measurement of a tire always inclusive of the outer extent of the knobs?

yeah it does get old. i thought when i made this thread it would end but noooo, people just cant read or belive the fact that a 24x3 fits in a DX/LX 2005 frame.

read the thread it contains all the evidence.

and just in case your lazy and dont want to click the link, im attaching a pic here for you and the countless other lemmings that go through the search function and find more bad info than the real truth. ( pictured is a Gazz 24x3 in a DX frame)


My friend boaught an lx and the frame was pretty wide, He sold it thoguh.

Ok, so now instead of a tire size debate, perhaps what we really need is a torker frame size debate…

We know torker went from a round crown to a square crown on the LX frame. Was that in 04? Is an 04 torker LX frame any different from an 05 LX frame? It seems that what needs to be compared is an 04 LX, 05 LX, 04 DX and 05 DX.

On my torker LX with the 2.1, there is no way I can get more than another tenth of an inch of tire to fit the crown- it’s pretty tight, and the frame clearnce looks nothing like the phot of the Gazz on the DX frame.

So, I think there is a reason this question keeps getting asked despite multiple threads on the subject- the arguments and point keep passing like ships in the night.

One suggestion I have right off the bat is that it would be really sweet if carried a list of tires and proven frames that they fit on.

I agree about the frame size thing. Is there a difference between the 04LX and 05LX frame size? I got my LX in April of 05 but i just checked the receipt and it says its a 2004 LX. Is the 05 LX frame wider? Is it the same frame? It seems undebatable that the DX frames are wider, so for my purposes they are not relavent to the discussion.

I may take my uni to the local bike shop and just see what is the widest knobby that will fit in the frame. I would take it to the wal-mart where I saw the tire I want but I dont think they would let me sit in there trying tires… :stuck_out_tongue: