largest gap

how big is the worlds largest gap hop? like front hop, side hop, whatever just the farthest anyone has jumped on a unicycle.

I believe that woul dbe 2.87m rolling hopped by New Zealands very own Joe Dyson (unicyclistjoe)

thats was indeed a very big gap…i was amazed…i think my best side gap is like 3 feet.

haha, and this is coming from NZs OFFICIAL long jump champion… munimanpete cleared 2.45m(right?) at last years nationals under IUF testing conditions, and stuff.

i have done 1.95meters

unicyclistjoe has skills? whoa. who new.

Anybody have the link to the thread and video?

Here it is.

Yeah Joe’s a gapping machine, he can do more than 2m static!