Larger bloke looking for advice


As the topic says I am a larger bloke weighing in at 210lb or 95k.

I was looking at buying my 1st Unicycle and was wondering what the average weight limit is on them. I have seen some with a 150lb limit on them but dont know where to start for the bigger guy.

Any help is much appreciated.

Btw I am 6ft tall with inside leg of 28" if that effects ant advice you may have.

It may be worth starting off on something with an ISIS hub, but these are usually around the $300 or £200 mark unfortunately. :
you will most likely break something less by doing any sort of hopping, the club freestyle or a torker may keep you going enough to learn to ride though.
The size is up to you
6ft 3 here :wink:

My first Muni was a torker DX 24 and I weighted 230-220. I’m still running that on 2 rides a week. I’d say go with something that has Isis so you have crank options later on.

I am about 200Lbs now and ride a trainer freestyle uni from UDC (had to replace pedals and cranks after bending them) and a KH29.
When I first started I was about 180lbs and rode a freestyle from ebay, cheap £30 job and bent it withing 3 days of getting it!
I would recommend getting something a little more expensive from UDC. If you are doing any type of trials you should be fine with any trials uni as they are built to take the pressure. Freestlye unis are a bit weaker so get yourself something a little more expensive!

Do you know what kind of riding that want to do? How serious are you about learning?

Without knowing those things these would be my recommendations

This one:

It’s the one I bought after not riding for 25+ years and there is nothing about the purchase that I regret. In fact I’ve gone on to buy two other Nimbus Unis.

And nothing less than this:

Or this:

Anything less than that in my opinion is false economy. Your weight is only an issue if you buy something cheaper than these.

If you are from another country (not many yanks use the word ‘bloke’) on the web site there are links to web sites for other countries.

Here is the one for England
And Australia:

BTW welcome to

Thank you for the responses.

I have never got on a Unicycle so will be a full on beginner. I used to bmx until I screwed my ankle up so will probably take it slow while learning. was very helpful and I will probably go for the club to start with.

I was wondering whether to get the 20" or the 24" to start with as if I like the feel of it I would probably buy a better street/trials one in the future and they all seem to be nearer 19"/20".

Thanks for your time.