Large gaps

I was wondering how far some of you trials guys can gap?
I went out today, and i got a 6.5 foot gap rubber to rubber, and later i almost made a 8+ foot gap to pedal grab, but i’d either have too much sideways momentum, or i’dbe leaning so much to get the distance my tire would hit the side of the object first :frowning: does anyone have these occurencec? what have you done to ensure that you make the gaps?

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Re: Large gaps

I’m assuming you’re side-hopping, correct? I haven’t actually measured any of
my gaps, I’ve just eye-balled them. “yeah that looks like a 5 footer” or what
ever. I’m guessing I’ve been gapping around the same range as you also. Once I
get a working, tough trials unicycle, I’ll see what I can do. I am also side
hopping when I do most of my gaps, but I’d like to get better at forward hops
and rolling hops.


My biggest side hop was around 4’ but it wasn’t a gap. I’m hoping to improve when my custom muni is finished because I’ll have an Alex DX-32 rim and a Gazz 3" wide tyre on there. Did the ability to do those big gaps you can do just come to you suddenly or did it take years of practice? I started unicycling in May this year so I’m hoping to improve a bit more.

I just estimated how wide a 6.5’ gap is and it’s huge. Nice work! Do either of you have any videos of these big gaps? I think I need to practice my technique. At the moment I can’t lean over any further because at about 4’ gaps my tyre starts to fold (not that I could go much further at the moment and keeping in mind the fact that I’m not actually gapping).

Nice work!

Andrew Carter

I started unicycling in june of last year, all it takes is practice. I think I might have put up a video in the gallery a long time ago, just search for “driveway trials”


Anyone can back me up on this: If M_extreme_uni (Ryan) finds out something he would like to try, he’ll have it mastered in an hour.


:o Sofa, you’re making me blush!

anyways, yes, i am side hopping these gaps, and today i landed the big one! :smiley: I was so happy! anyways, i found that it’s all mental, and you have to really make an effort to lean further than you ever have, and then explode for all you’re worth, it’s really hard to hold onto the landing though, but i got it once. ummm, that’s about it, id’ post video’s, buti d’ont have a good camera or someone who would film :frowning: i have to go out by myself and uni in the -15 weather. oh well, i get pretty warm.

Oh, and today i landed on my chest pretty hard (once) and my back (twice) and they all hurt. does anyone use chest protectors? (i was looking at the SixSixOne one) just wondering