Language translation

I would love a button that would translate German posts into English (and ditto, any fairly common language into any language). It would help unlock more conversations :slight_smile:

Good idea, that would be great (though I’ll admit it’s good practice for my German skills to read the conversations). Until it happens, if you’re on Chrome a button will pop up to auto-translate it. I guess in theory you could switch from the downloaded client to a browser to read the German conversations.

Or you could learn German.

Might I suggest getting google chrome and right clicking any page to translate them, or alternatively just going to google translate and copy pasting the URL.

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This is what I use, it does the job well enough. What browser do you use, @Gockie?

Please don’t. Facebook does that, and the conversations that come out of two people using google translate in the middle are pretty terrible. Google translate is good, but every bit of nuance is lost.

I absolutely don’t mind the occasional english message that pops up in german unicycle chat, when someone has something interesting to chip in. (I guess those people either speak some german, or use google translate to read.)
But a translate button directly by the forum is a slippery slope to too many google translate conversations, and I think they shouldn’t be the norm.


I’m using my phone, default Samsung internet. Maybe I have to use another browser.

I prefer , light years better

I absolutely agree, anyone who can make a constructive contribution is welcome.


Yes, except I need someone to read the thread for me, or I’ll need to change the way I access the forum in order to auto translate.

I’m sure a lot of what is written would be interesting to read, but the language/translation required is the barrier.

Unlike the “old forum”, it seems that the new one can not be browsed via google translator.

The new forum kinda lumps everything into one big forum by default and therefore the German forum is now more visible to non-German speakers. I’m not sure the German speakers want to have that section polluted with a free for all in English.

For your information, you can filter the categories you want to see or hide in your preferences:

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Chrome and Edge have a pretty straightforward translate feature that allows browsing the translated forum. Dynamic content will be translated on the fly.
It’s faster on Chrome.

The option doesn’t seem to exist in Firefox, but maybe there are addons for that (Google translate indeed doesn’t work with the forum).

I don’t know about mobile browsers.

Applied and very appreciated further to your advice, thank you very much Canapin for all you are doing here !