Lands End John O'groats

Hi, does anyone know what the official record is for the lands end john o’groats run is? I get either 14 days or twelve days but is there anywhere with the official time? Were these achieved on a standard ungeared 36? Also can anyone give links to other peoples attempts; in particular I’m looking for detailed routes.
Many thanks to all

Hi Colin

If you’re planning to do an attempt at this you’ll need to register with - they will then confirm the requirements and what their current record is.

They should say it stands at 12 days 1 hour and 59 minutes set by Oxford student Rob Ambrose in 2001. He rode a 911 mile long route and used a 36 inch ungeared unicycle with 110mm cranks, and had a few friends with bikes and a van for support. They raised funds for Hope for Children.

There is a day-by-day plan of their route here. Unfortunately their actual writeup seems to have fallen off the internet since it was written.

I also did the End to End on a unicycle in 2005, on a 36 inch ungeared unicycle, with three bike friends, and collected money for Tearfund. We did a longer route of 1061 miles, and took our time - 23 days.

There are masses of writeups around. If you want to plan a fast route then bike writeups are probably the place to start, as they tend to go for 80+ mile days. The current unicycle record averages around 75 miles/day.

It would be very cool to see this unicycle record improved - and it’s a fun trip to do anyway! I think 2009 may be an interesting year for it - I hear there are at least a couple of other riders looking at breaking that record then…

Good luck


Thanks, I’ll look at the links you put. I’ll be attempting it late July and have most of the back up in place; just organizing the charity bit.

Cool. What sort of time are you planning to do it in?