Lacing a 28 hole rim to a 36 hole hub

Is it possible to lace a 28 hole rim to a 36 hole hub? The reason I ask is that I can get hold of an 18" rim and tyre, and would like to try building it up into a unicycle.

Has anyone done this before?

hey tony- i had the same problem as you, although it was the inverse situation. I had a 28 spoke hub and rim set on my crappy beginner unicycle and when i killed it i cold not get a 36 hole rim laced into it. Hope this saves you time and frustration,

I think it could be done. All holes in the rim would be used, and each side of the hub would have 3_4_3_4_ holes used (where the _ is an unused hole). I can’t think quite how the spoke lacing would end up, but I’m sure it could be made to work.