Lacing 24" 32 or 36 hole Rim to 48 hole Hub

Does anyone have some clear pics or any other help for lacing a 32 0r 36 hole 24" rim to a 48 hole Hub?

I was thinking about doing the same thing and I found a picture of a 48 hub to a 32 hole rim by skiping every third hole between the first spoke cross and it looked good and used spokes all the same length but I was unable to find it again. I have decided to get a Qa-ax 48 hole trials rim instead so I think I won’t be doing this. So keep searching and you will probably be able to find it.

Where are you buying your Qu-Ax rim?

Right now you can get them from UK but I think I have talked John Drumand into to ordering some and keep them in stock at udc US. I think they would sell to people wanting to convert Torker 20" uni into trials unis, and since they have Qu-ax they should have spare parts.

Do they have them in 24" too?

I found this

But with shipping is quite expensive.

I did a 48-spoke QU-AX / Halo Contra 24" wheel. It seems sturdy but a bit heavy, although I don’t have numbers to back that up. If you do this, use 14/15 spokes to help keep the weight down. The rim has double eyelets. This should be a great wheel for downhills with lots of drops, but probably a little heavy for straight natural trials and 50-50 mixes of slopes.

Do you have any other pics? A closeup of the hub? Are all the spokes the same length?
I’ve never built a wheel before but i wanna give it the ole college try. (wait I didn’t go to college)

Since the hub and rim are both 48-hole, the spokes are all the same length.

A 48-spoke wheel isn’t necessarily the best configuration to start out with because there isn’t as much room to work between spokes and there is a lot more manipulation to true the wheel.

However, my first wheel was a 48 spoke, so go for it!

I don’t have any close-up pics at this time.