LA Unicycle Roundup part duex?

Seems I heard talk of a possible second LA Uni roundup sometime in October '06. Any truth to the rumor? I’d love to attend another one since the last one was so much fun…even though it was waaaay too hot! Well, another good reason to have one in October, when it’s cooler! :sunglasses:

Just make it happen Terry. I don’t Rod would mind you taking the initiative. If you were invited to the last one you have access to the email list.

I’d love another chance to go!

Im in if it is before oct 10. and closser :smiley:

C’est parti deux, Terry.

Go for it man, Il come.

Me too.

what exactly is it and where is it usually/ last time?

In LA :sunglasses:

I don’t know more than that, I couldn’t make it:(

also, I could bring some obstacles(skinnies ect) if it does happen.


Just to clear things up, we may be talking about more than one thing here. The Unicycle Roundup LA ( is a summer event traditionally organized by Rod. But at muni weekend last week, someone made a casual announcement that there will be a small-scale muni event possibly this October, probably organized by John Long. This event will not replace the Unicycle Roundup LA or any of the Cal Muni Weekends. It will be a (probably) one-time thing, designed to get people together for some really technical muni. All are welcome, however it will specifically not be a very organized event… no registration, no banquet, no t-shirts, just people getting together to ride rough. I’ll talk with JL and see if we can post a date and trail list soon. Cheers,

Either way im game! Just not if its way out in SB! If we can get one within 1-2 hours from my house il try and drive out there…There is some nice trails out here, I might see if I can set up soemthing small, I have 2 1/2 acre lot of land, mountains 5 min away, and the Good ole devils punchbowl! But as for this thread, is it for the LAroundup part Deux or is it somehting new like Eyal was describing?

Cody, your house is out of the way for everyone.

Lol not for me :smiley: but the D.P. is between my house and yours…like 40mi from you 30 from me…something like that.

As Eyal mentioned, the Mini CMW was not considered as something to replace LA Roundup or any of the other events, it was just a notion to organize a small group of Muni riders (no trials comps or any of that) who showed interest in riding the trails that were too hard to include in the last CMW in SB (like Tunnel), and possibly one of the other “stunt” trails in either Simi Valley (G-Spot and Devil’s slide) or the trails in Fontana that are part of the Pro Mountain Bike Downhill circuit (and are the shizat on a Muni). It’s all up in the air just now but Eyal, Josh, Hans and I will noodle the possibilities and figure out something in the next few weeks. We might just keep the thing in SB because there’s a few explorations going on now for new trails that promise to be either great or impossible. This event won’t have any prizes or t-shirts or dinner parties and will happen over one weekend.


I’d love to come up to SB for a super techi muni weekend. It would have to be an entire weekend though.