LA Marathon Crash Race II

In 2009, after 14 years running the Los Angeles Bike Tour on the LA Marathon course, race organizers discontinued the Bike Tour.

The following year, Wolfpack Hustle informally organized the “LA Marathon Crash Race”, which resulted in HUNDREDS of riders bombing the course in the wee hours of the morning.

This is year two of the event. I’ve hooked up with these guys, and they would LOVE to see 36’er unicyclists participate. I’ll be there at 3am on the March 20th! Join me for a great ride. I’m told that the slowest 2-wheeled riders hit the finish line at about 2 hours, so we shouldn’t miss a thing at the finish line! Speaking of finish lines, I want to lobby for a unicycle division (they do awards at the end), but let’s see how many of us are going first.

Course is Sunset and Fountain to Santa Monica Pier. Be sure to bring lights and personal safety gear. PM me for my phone number if you plan to come, because we would want to coordinate start/finish transportation.


(There is a pretty gnarly downhill at Sunset and Doheny, are your maguras bolted on?)


Wait… the starting point is only 19 miles from the Santa Monica Pier! They start in Los Feliz and end at the Pier (probably to avoid the security at the Dodgers Stadium starting point)

CLICK HERE for an accurate map of the ride:

What’s the elevation gain? Looks mostly downhill, since the route goes from a higher elevation, to to the beach, at sea level.

It’s a net negative gain, for sure. The only significant elevation change is the descent at doheny.

Would love it if you were to join me Terry! You want to throw in?

The map shows a start of about 300’ and end of about 50’ in Santa Monica.

I just might. I’ll see what’s on my plate for that week. I’m quite a bit leery about such an early start, only a few hours after midnight! I have bouts of insomnia, and my body clock is pretty finicky, and without enough sleep I would do poorly. Early rising for me is maybe 5:30-6:30 am.

The last marathon I rode in, the Long beach, started at 6:30am, and I remember I had a heck of a time getting to sleep early enough to get at least 7 hours, and be up two hours before start time, or 4:30am! for this one, it would mean waking up at like 1am, or even earlier, since it’s further for me to drive! :astonished:

So I’m going to be parking in Santa Monica and taking the 2:06am bus (ROUTE) to the start line… I’ll get to Sunset/Fountain at about 3:30am… plenty early to make the start.

My rack can handle three (maybe four) uni’s so at least two other riders can show at the start line and ride with assured transportation back to sunset/fountain.

Bumping this, as it’s just 10 days till the LA Marathon Crash Race!

DaveyKim… you did 24 miles on your 29’er the other night… are you up for this 19 miler?

Would love to get a sizable uni group out there.

Dances on H2O,

Is there a problem with just driving to Sunset and Los Feliz, the Tang’s donut shop, and parking the car and starting there? I would need a ride back to that neighborhood early in the morning …

Could one park around their earlier in the evening and sleep for a few hours in a car? I realize the neighborhood may not be appropriate for such behavior. Perhaps there are motel rooms one could rent by the hour?

It does sound like fun and I am trying to figure out how it might work.



I don’t know the neighborhood well, but I know that Tangs is a 24hour shop (which means that sleeping in your car in the parking lot would possibly pass unnoticed)

I have no problem driving you back to your car after.

Another subject that I’ve thought through… getting a smooth post-ride escape route on marathon morning. I’m going to park in a “marathon friendly” location in Santa Monica (i.e. easy to get to the freeway and unhindered by marathon roadblocks). If you park smartly in Silverlake, you should have a clean getaway after we get to your car too.

It’s going to be a great event! On Saturday I did the Reseda to the Sea commemorative ride and met a couple of the guys that did last years Marathon ride. They said I should be well-suited for the pace (even after a couple of regroups). Climbing from the valley over the SM mountains to the ocean did kick my a _ _ though (mostly off road, 36’er, and I managed to give myself a rock facial in the early part). Have a black eye to remember that one with… lol

Anyway, the Marathon ride is going to be great. I’ll PM my phone and email address to you momentarily so we can do the details when you wish.


I’m in!

Hi DancesOnH20,

I’d love to do this, and Scottocs and I are discussing carpooling up there.



Fmly ride is back!

Goto for details!

April 2, 2011. FMLY RIDE, a very unicycle-friendly event!
-Ride ALWAYS includes bands at stops
-About 20-30 miles total
-Stops every 5-6 miles, Live music at every stop
-Culver/Venice boulevard at “Crank Mob” park
-Assemble at 7:30pm, roll at 8:30pm