Kris Holms Air Saddle. My letter to Kris

I recently bought the Kris Holm Freeride Air Saddle from I loved the way it kept my tailbone off of the back handle but within one mile I realized that the tube was sliding off to the side, forcing me to ride all crazy.

After I returned home I did some research and it turns out that I’m not the only one with this problem. I read post after post after post on about all the people that bought your air saddle and had to take it apart and modify it with duct tape, additional foam and a lot of trial and error.

I’m surprised and disappointed that you would let an inferior product be marketed under your name. Actually it makes me feel disillusioned with you and your name in general.

My suggestion is that you include directions on how to modify it and include all the necessary materials. after all, after tax and shipping it cost well over a hundred bucks for a product that doesn’t work properly.

Well, I’m off to the hardware store now to go buy some duct tape…

cry me a river

The free ride seat is better if you are not a fussy ass. Pull the draw string cover off a KH air seat, do a little duck taping and padding, and you will have a super custom seat. Best seat ever IMHO.

KH air seat, excellent product, but should come with a warning sticker that people that don’t want to remove the high quality draw string seat cover and mess with it, would have been happier with a KH free ride.

Maybe a warning that the KH freeride seat is awesome, and this air seat is just a bunch of high quality parts you can play with. Only tinkerers should buy the KH air seat.

Having duct tape around the house never hurts. Might come in handy for carpet repairs as well.
Good luck with the tinkering.

A bit more advices

Taking off the drawstring cover and duct taping to tubes, and adding a piece of closed cell foam is child’s play. As long as you are a child with 4 hands.

Otherwise, put off the job until you have a helper. Cut the strips of tape for them ahead of time. You hold the tubes exactly the way you want them, while your helper tapes.

The chance that you can both position the tubes, and tape them correctly, with 2 hands, is near zero.

The air saddle is a waste of money. I applaud UDC’s ability to remove foam, add a tire tube, and charge $25 more for a formless piece of crap. For that price, maybe it shouldn’t come with a warning sticker but high quality tape and at least a little bit of foam.

It’s better to do the upgrade yourself if there’s no foam with the UDC ones. I changed my freeride to an air saddle and I kept the foam in the seat. Imagine if you are 50kms away from your home and the tube in your seat is flat… It’s not gonna be a comfy 50km!