kris holm unicycle

If you have bought a kris holm unicycle tell me if you think its worth it. I am thinking of buying one but not totally sure.

Haven’t bought one, but yes it’s worth it.

If you want something cheaper and will help you gain strength, a Torker DX is very good too.

no ive ridden a dx I dont really like them.

Why don’t you like the DX. if you don’t have the money for a nice trials uni the DX is nice. I like the DX and think it is a nice uni even though I want a custom uni. i have it stock with the seat and seat post off my LX

KH is the best.

Only thing wrong with the DX is that it is heavy, if you worry that much about weight, the whole one or two pounds it adds, then you need to realize that those few pounds make no difference. Just makes you stronger.

The 2005 DX is a splined freestyle uni, the 2006 DX is great, but the frame broke, the 2007 DX is perfect, but people complain that the frame has too much clearance. I dont think it matters at all.

Now, for the KH unis. Your asking if one of the top-of-the-line unicycles is worth it. It is definitely worth it.

I have ridden the 2004 model of one, and the 2006 model, and they are great. The older summit/2004 version are heavy, like a DX heavy, but it is great, and very strong.

The 2006 version is very light and very strong.

The 2007 version is even better, with the new ISIS moment cranks and the lighter, wider rim. It is an amazing unicycle, that is worth its price easily. You wont regret getting a KHU.

why would someone complain about it having too much clearance?

for street. low clearence is alot better ofr standup WW and 1 foot glides ect. the KH frame has perfect clearence in my opinion.

I’ve got a KH 24" and it’s worth every cent.:slight_smile:
I’ve thrashed the hell out of it and it just thrashes me right back! (Usually on the ankle or shin:D )

I have a 2007 KH 20" and would say that it’s worth what I paid for it and more!

I have a whole range of unicycles:
Nimbus 700c
Nimbus with custom super skinny 700c
Nimbus 20
Pashley 26

I used to own a Nimbus 24,
I have a couple of old unicycles I never ride, too.

In addition to this fleet, I have a KH24 MUni - the one with the 3 inch tyre and 165mm splined cranks.

The KH is not my favourite uni, because my personal demon leads me to take a silly skinny high pressure wheel cross country more often than I do proper MUni. However, I can’t fault the KH for the quality feel and sense of bomb proof security it gives me. There is a special pleasure to owning a good quality piece of kit, and the quality is reflected in the riding experience.

Kris Holm knows more about unicycling than I do, and more than some toy factory boss in Taiwan. This is reflected in the quality of the design and construction of the KH unis.

For street? I think you just mentioned freestyle.

ive sen alot of street riders do stuff like that, but I guess thats more flatland.

I recently purchased a new 2007 KH 20" trials and like it very much. It is light, strong and very well constructed.

Some have complained of seat handles that are breaking but these are being replaced on warranty.

I don’t think that you will be dissapointed if you purchase one.

I’ve got a 2005 KH 24 Freeride and a '05 DX 24.

The KH is my favorite, because it feels more solid. The KH is heavier due to the larger tire (3 vs. 2.3) and brake. It takes plenty of abuse without complains.

The DX is a lot of fun because it is lighter. But I never feel completely comfortable on it when I’m trying new, scary stuff.

quick question but is the new kris holme 2007 trials/ street unicycle 19" or 20"?

They 19" like all KH but they tire size brings it up to equivalent.

well with my 2 kh’s they are certainly the best. But if you wanna get good without breaking your KH, use a cheaper heavier one which can build up your stature.