Kris Holm Spacer Question

I have two Kris Holm 2007 unicycles. I bought my KH24 in January of 2007 and it is set up as follows. Hub-spacer-bearing-crank. I bought my KH20 in July of 2007 and it is set up as follows. Hub-spacer-bearing-spacer-crank.
As can be seen I have an extra pair of spacers in my KH20! Now the frame tends to hold the bearings close to the hub, however after a nice size jump on a ride last week I experienced a rubbing of the crank on the bearing holder. It seems like after the jump the frame flexed outward (sliding the bearing along the axle) and because of dirt on the hub axle it was not able to slide back in toward the hub. I felt the rubbing and immediately took the assembly apart cleaning the hub axle. I have not had another problem and I have been riding aggressively since.

The pictures of the Hub and Hub/Crank assemblies advertized on UDC only show one pair of spacers. Does anyone know if there is supposed to be only one pair of spacers on the KH setup or two pairs of spacers. Additionally I do not see that UDC sells just KH spacers.


there should be two pairs of spacers, the picture UDC shows already has the bearings on the hub, covering up the spacers between the bearings and flanges.

Thanks zfreak220

That makes sense. I guess that MDC sent me my KH24 without the extra pair of spacers.