Kris Holm sizing question


I’m new to this group. My name is Jody; I do mostly road riding. I
want to get a Kris Holm Mountain 24". I have a question about sizing/
fit… I saw something about the lowest pedal-saddle distance being
30" for the KH24.

I’m 5’ 7" and on my road bike the saddle-to-pedal distance is 28".
That’s from the top of the saddle to the pedal at the lowest point of
the stroke. I thought the KH24 would fit a wide range of people; hard
to believe I’m too short for this unicycle. Can anyone confirm that
it’s a minimum of 30" from the LOWEST part of the seat to the bottom
of the pedal stroke?

Are there any other people who are 5’ 7" who have no problem fitting
on the KH24?


On it says it comes with a 300mm seat post. I bet if you cut that down a little, it should fit you.

I run my 07 KH 24 seat height (KH Freeride seat) at 32" and there is at least 3" of post sticking out of the frame. If you removed that 3" you would have a seat height of 29"

You will have no problem fitting on a KH 24", although like nearly everyone you will have to cut the seatpost down quite some way. I’m 6’ tall and have about 8" of post sticking out the frame, and the older saddle which is significantly thicker than more recent versions.

You will fit it fine, I’m 5’ 7" as well and ride one. You will just have to cut down the seatpost a bit but be sure to do it in smaller increments so you don’t hack too much off.

Re: Kris Holm sizing question

Thanks everyone for the quick responses… I’m looking forward to this
new riding!