Kris Holm seat post... BUSTED!


So here’s the story:

I hopped onto a bench :frowning:

I was hopping up onto a bench and I felt something pop. When the seat post breaks like this it makes riding much more difficult. The seat pecks side to side as you ride like a eager pidgeon popping his head back and forth as he walks.

Even though it is broken like this, I think I can salvage it and test out a reinforcment like fuego made. I’m sure I wouldn’t have broken the post if I had already gotten into the shop and got it installed. :angry: :

OK I dont know how the hell you people are breaking these things you must either push down really hard on the handle or pull up really hard. I mean Iam doing 5 foot drops on my trials and I havnt had any problems also I dont hop up things with my seat in, hopping seat out is the best because you wont break anything. So my advice is buy a new one and dont be so hard on it.

Your advice is poor.

apposed to yours?

and all i am saying is people are saying they are just breaking seat posts or seats doing the smallest things and I cant figure out how. and the only way to fix it is to buy a new seat post

can some one please explain how this works???

There’s a guy near Duane’s house that can weld that back if you like. I have gotten several welding jobs from him. I suggest that because like my welder claims - “it won’t break there again” (and after 4 welds, his claim has “held” true).

Which rider are you “Bob22”?
If you are Walt, isn’t this the 2nd post you’ve broken like this?

do a search for seat post reinforcement, I think, someone designed a reinforcement for it that is really quite snazzy. actually, it might have been for the whole KH seat. in which case, my advice is useless. but that is still one snazzy seat reinforcement.

hey people, i was thinking about getting a quax 20 inch trial, should i get it?
(even though this is way off topic)

holy crap… i’ve ridden a kh20 04 since they came out (pretty damn hard too) and i’ve never had to replace anything until now, and technically it was still rideable but not for what i want to do with it.

It seems like most KH’s seat post’s tend to brake in that general area, it could just be some are defective or the design might not be great, there are other variables to consider than just pulling to hard. When some rims started peeling it was considered a defect. Maybe that’s what the posts are also. I am not trying to make any points, just giving you something to think about I guess.

the newer KH posts like the one shown broken are made from aluminum, there going to break easier. alot easier with that design.

i think this the 3rd one posted here that broke in the same spot. im still waiting to hear about a 2005 KH frame breaking.

Taiwan aluminum + Trials riding = stress cracks.

I don’t know how I would be easier on it. I sidehopped onto a bench and it snapped. Seat in frontness would prevent this, but that’s not what I’m doing right now.

It’s not bad breaking things. I’m confident that I can rebuild this post to as strong (probably stronger) as it used to be with a little work.

Does anyone know what the old (04) KH seatpost is made of?

Yeah I was thinkin about getting it too, has anyone ridin this uni. and how well did it work??

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im on my third seat post. 2 of them have been KH ones. they break at the weld for stress cause by my drops and hops. looks like thomson for me.

AHAHAHAHA!!! He made a cookie, punk…Anyways…Has anyone tried that Qu-ax uni, how was it, the splined model…??

The splined Qu-ax is awesome. I don’t have one, but one of the guys from the club does, and I know he loves it. I’ve ridden it around a bit, and I have to say it is quite awesome. I may get one myself sometime.

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