Kris Holm Schlumpf #M0226 24" Mountain Unicycle

My custom Kris Holm Schlumpf Geared 24″ Mountain Unicycle is for sale.

The MUni is in excellent condition and includes lots of upgrades and custom bits and pieces. The Schlumpf hub has been meticulously maintained, exhibits no side to side play, minimal slop, and shifts sweetly (as shown in my GUni gear shift technique video).

You can view lots of photos and stories of the 24″ GUni here. The GUni is being sold exactly as I have ridden it, apart from the Speedplay pedals which I’m keeping for MTB.

It really is a great mountain uni to ride – the speed of a 36′er, the ride and durability of a 24. In an ideal world I’d keep it and take it out for a ride every now and then but unfortunately that’s not the case. This uni deserves to be out on the trail.


  • Kris Holm 24″ Mountain Unicycle Frame
  • Schlumpf Mountain Unicycle hub #M0226
  • Custom milled Dual Hole 125/150mm KH Moment Cranks
  • Wheel build by Kaos Custom Bikes including tubeless Duro 3.0 setup
  • Magura HS33 Brake including Magura stainless steel braided lines and KH Spooner
  • KH Adjustable Seatpost
  • KH Fusion Freeride saddle and KH Saddle Reinforcement plate
  • Custom XC Guni Handle bar including bar ends
  • Odyssey Trail Mix Pedals
  • 2 x sets new spare Schlumpf Shifter buttons
  • 1 x set Schlumpf shifter button tools
  • 2 x Schlumpf Oil Syringes
  • Schlumpf User Guide
  • 1 x 24×3″ tube

Price: $1700 AU ONO

Couple of things to note:

  • I would prefer to sell the GUni locally i.e. a local pickup from Castlemaine, Victoria, perhaps central Melbourne can be arranged too.
  • I am prepared to ship it within Australia. The buyer would pay all packing and shipping costs (and insurance if they opt for it)
  • I might be prepared to ship the GUni overseas. The buyer would pay all packing and shipping costs, as well as any taxes, insurance etc.
  • In all cases, the GUni goes nowhere until payment has been received.
  • I’m not interested in parting out the GUni.

If you’re interested in this great MUni, please contact me either by posting to this thread, PM’ing me here or contacting me via DigitalHippie.

Are you just riding a different muni? If so, does that have a Schlumpf?

My KH24 guni and I are worried you’re making that wrong decision to sell. :frowning:

Heya MuniOrBust, it hasn’t been a fun or easy decision to sell the 24 GUni. As much as I love it I’ve hardly ridden it since getting back into MTB late last year.

Ideally I’d keep the GUni and wheel it out every now and then but yeah unfortunately it can’t play out that way.

You’re kidding, right? Mountainb*king? WTF? I think you should think that over once more. It seemed like you were having way too much fun with that muni.

Hehe, no kidding - I’ve had a love affair with wheels all my life :slight_smile:

I’ve had an absolute blast MUni’ing around on the 24 Schlumpf, no doubt about that. Things change though.The GUni deserves a good home now, not to be hanging from my ceiling. Also anyone with a family knows, financial commitments vs fun stuff… it’s sometimes not easy to balance.

hmmm, I see. So you are serious. Weird. But you do still ride ungeared unis or not?

Sure yes still ride uni’s! It’s taken months to decide which direction to take, to reduce the collection of uni’s. Not fun to see them go.

Sounds like you’ve taken the time and thought it through.

It’s a great ride! I hope someone can get her back on the trails!

Thanks MuniOrBust, me too.

Some more pics:


This really is a sweet looking uni, I wish I could buy it myself (no money) hopefully someone will hop on your deal here. Re-organizing your toy priorities can be tough, I’m doing a bit of that myself right now. Wish you the best of luck.

Here’s a bump

Thanks Dane!

Price Drop: $1600 AU ONO/OBO

The uni has gotta go!

Price Drop: $1500 AU, no less!

Re international shipping - a couple of guys have been interested in buying the uni. Shipping by Air mail to the USA/Canada is approx $210 AU (approx delivery 2-3 weeks). Shipping by Sea is a lot less ($125) but would take months. Using an express carrier like DHL is ~$450 AU

Hey I am interested in your unicycle. I live in USA. I’ll pay the 1500. Sounds like a great deal. How can I give you the money? My name is mike

Heya Mike, thanks for the offer but it looks like the GUni has been sold. I will post if/when it becomes final final.

GUni has been sold, goodbye old buddy!

You did a nice job of recycling! No moping, go outside and ride a different uni :wink:

Thanks man, this thing rocks. :slight_smile:

Congrats on the guni! looks sweet, I was wondering who got this :slight_smile:

heya Eric, very cool!

Didn’t take long for the uni to make it to Canada. Glad it got there ok. Thanks for posting the pics too, weird to see the uni somewhere else but in a good way!

All the best with it.