Kris Holm saddle and gloves

Hey everybody

Im about to buy a Kris Holm saddle and the Kris Holm glove, could somebody answer this questions?
Is the saddle strong? because I broke my qu-ax saddle into two parts.
Is it comfortable?
What about the gloves? pro’s and con’s


i have a Qu-ax trial muni with the red hub and i practice street unicycle

i have the saddle and gloves. i dont wear the gloves too often i just got them for christmas, the seat is nice. had it 2 years nothing wrong.

If you want a wrist wrap with a full fingerd glove then get the KH ones, I’ve heard people say they are kind of hot and I havent heard of how they are holding up after a year of riding.

The fusion seats are probably the best stock seat you can get, and you can modify it to your tastes fairly easily. But like everything its all about personal preference, although most find the KH seats way better than other cheaper seats on the market.

The KH is basically the same saddle as the Quax. The new ones are a little improved and more durable. But still the same design as the qu-ax saddle,since it is the same manufacturer.

I have a pair of KH pulse gloves. It´s the worst gloves i´ve ever tested. Any Mountainbiking or Moto-x glove would be much better. I don´t feel I need the wrist support or the excessive padding on the palms. I have had 3 pairs of moto-x gloves and I love them, the only bad thing is that they wear out and get all filled with holes quite fast.

I love the KH gloves, I wear them every time I ride. They have saved my hands many a time

the seat isn’t as stiff as i’d like, but stiffener plate fixed that. i think it’s pretty comfortable. some people think they’re too tall for trials, i think it’s okay, but thinner would probably be better.

For more info on the KH gloves, check this thread in the product reviews forum:

This is pretty much true, except that the KH fusion seat has a removable cover, which at least means you can fix / replace the base easily when you break it. Which you will in the end, whatever seat you get, until you fit a carbon base (which only some people break).

The new KH seats should be slightly more durable than the old ones, because they’ve removed the bit inside the seat where the stiffener plate used to bend right round, and made the plate stiff. I can’t really tell, cos I haven’t opened mine up. They’re noticeably thinner which is nice, and doesn’t seem to affect comfort at all.

I’ve added a review to the gloves page.


Hey, he might be talking about the qu-ax line saddle wich is completely different.

however this is incorrect.

if u r worried about busting the kh fusion saddle, just get the carbon fibre base for it, its lighter and alot more stronger, im gonna get one sometime soon!

Its true, there have been so many threads complaining about unicycle weight recently, and the easiest way to kill two birds with one stone is to upgrade your seat base to CF. A LOT stronger, stiffer and lighter. Depending on the saddle base you replace, you can lose as much as 0.7kgs just from the seat base. If you get a Scott Wallis and a Thomson post, that goes down even more.


We’ve addressed that issue already