Kris Holm / Nimbus grab handle compatible?

Hi all, can anyone tell me is a Kris Holm saddle grab handle will be compatible with a Nimbus seat? And are there any visual differences compared to the standard Nimbus type of same?

It looks like it will but want to check with the wider community of people that would probably know for certain…

I have no idea what you mean by this. Do you have a link or pic? I’m guessing you mean t-bar? Generally, saddle components between KH and Nimbus brands are fully compatible, except for the fusion zero and one’s seatpost attachment.
The KH t-bar is compatible.

Yes, the four bolt pattern is the same.

I assume you mean the plastic handles, if you mean the KH T-bar, those will fit.

The long answer is:
There are now two main types of seat handle attachment.
The “old style” like this:

(Notice the “hump” between the handle part and the part that bolts on)

And the new style like this:

(Notice there is no hump, completely flat between handle and bolts)

The “old style” will bolt onto all seats, the new style only onto the new seats (which have no “ridge” at the front of the seat).

The short answer however is: Yes, a KH Handle (they are all the “old style”), will fit your Nimbus seat.

Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure if it will fit mine, I would need to check. It’s a Nimbus 26er, and it’s a few years old now.