Kris Holm Moments

You mean Titanium hub? Titanium hub is just lighter, cooler, and better(?).:smiley:

no i mean the whole titanium wheel set. that’s like $ 600 and btw has anyone even broken their K1 light cranks

some one just let me know ^^ need to know what to spend my money on! :stuck_out_tongue:

i have been riding mine for a long time and they are perfectly fine and i know joe campbell stripped out the pedal insert on his without bending them. it takes a good deal to destroy them you just gotta take care of the pedal inserts.

Tubular cranks flip faster than moments;)

Haha thanks, guess i will buy a pair just to have them. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah just to have them? and moments are universal for trial street and flat


My KH moments’ inserts are loose, and I wanna get them out so I can glue them to the rest of the crank. When I have to change pedals before a ride, and one of the pedals just won’t off, I just feel like burning my uni and going inside again. Which tool do I need for removing the inserts?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

to take teh inserts of you need to undo the lock ring at the back to do this you can get a piece of wood with 2 nails in to that line up with the holes on the lock ring

That was my idea!!:stuck_out_tongue: If you want your “tool” to last long you have to put big spacers between the head of the bolts and the wood, because it’ll break the wood if you dont put the spacers on. I recommend plywood, witch is really strong wood.
Some pictures:) Moment Crank Insert Issue


you say you can’t get one pedal off. Are you sure that you are trying to turn it the right way? Remember that the left pedal is left hand (reverse) thread.

Haha funny. My mate got a new KH long neck and like a week after the screw come out lol and my Boss and I suggested nails in wood. lol

Great minds think a like haha

Thanks Jakob and Unicyler100, I will try that. :slight_smile:

And yes, I am sure I am turning it the right way. :wink:

KH Moments double hole 125/150 vs Nimbus Venture 125

I think that I may have made a mistake when I ordered my Impulse 36er because I “upgraded” from the Nimbus Venture crank arms (125’s weigh 330 grams and have zero Q factor for more speed) to the KH Moments double hole 125/150 (these weigh a whopping 586 grams and have 10mm Q factor). It just seems dumb to take the “lightest 36er ever made” and add over a half pound of crank arms. How much weight could I save if I “drill out” my KH Moments 125/150’s? If I could save 60-80g per crank, that would but me back in Venture territory.

You can probably frill off more then that. There is a street rider on here that took a ton of weight off his 137’s and he uses those for trials and street. Look him up. agentq is his name. Should have a thread on it.
EDIT: Here is a link to his profile and a recent video displaying his cranks.

You need to times 586 times 2 before you subtract 160 or so… this still does not put them in venture territory.

I lost over 35% of the weight in my 137 Moments.
Here is a nice picture to show how much innards were removed.

is that still strong enough to handle drops about 3-4ft?

jokey i reckon you could still go off bigger than that without problems on those.

thanks agentQ

that is awesome! thanks for the pics gives me an idea how it’s done. BTW, I take it back. I am glad I got the 125/150 Moments! lots of hills in kentucky…

Ive been ridding them for over a year now. When I had them milled/drilled, I told my friend to make them as light as possible and that I did not care about them breaking. I wanted to see how far I could push this idea. I was not expecting them to last more than a couple weeks, but they are holding up fine.

Keep in mind I weigh about 130, so I am not the heaviest, but go watch my video “beggin’ for more”, plenty of 3-4 foot drops and bigger in that video.

Ive ruined rims while riding these cranks, so they are still stronger than any drilled rim I have ridden, as of now.