Kris Holm is a sexy man

Re: Kris Holm is a sexy man

On Sun, 31 Jul 2005 11:08:39 -0500, “cyberpunk” wrote:

>Dude… where on earth did you get that picture?

I’m just guessing: someone took it in Denmark?

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hes already taken fella’s

How did you attach an image over 800X600 pixles?

Re: Kris Holm is a sexy man

On Mon, 14 Nov 2005 20:52:37 -0600, Skippii wrote:

>How did you attach an image over 800X600 pixles?

The size limit is actually 800 x 800, as it says when you click Manage

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Huh…maybe I need glasses. I thought it was 800X600. :thinking:

Right on man! I’ve been told that I look out of place if I’m not wearing girls jean’s–which I wear just about every single day. I love the 50’s-70’s, and the way people dressed, in more form fitting clothes…but I also like to modernize that look in my own way. Sometimes I get mistaken for a scenester–What can you do, I suppose. I don’t shave my armpits, but I do wear girls deodorant. It’s a personal preference. And yes, I’m still attracted to girls, even though I wear their clothing and anti-perspirants. I’m just androgynous. I’m too small to wear all of that big and saggy clothing that they have for guys my age. Especially since I can still fit into kids mediums for shirts!! Haha!!


Oh shit!! Its sneaker from OTN…

don’t take anything he says seriously

That poster is messed up.

At first, it looks like he is riding down a super steep rock formation, because you attribute vertical with the edge of the poster.

Then you notice the big (widest) tree in the background, and notice that the tree isn’t vertical with respect to the edge of the poster, so you re-orient your eyes and brain with respect to the tree.

Then you notice the skinny trees in the further background, and notice that they aren’t vertical with respect to the big tree or the edge of the poster, so you re-orient your eyes and brain with respect to the skinny trees.
thats what makes it so interesting :roll_eyes:

thats what makes it so interesting :roll_eyes:

ps, i messed up terribly onthe last post

i didnt see it at first cuz i looked at the rong poster but WHOA!

and for those of you wearing girl pants, that can be bad cuz it can over heat your junk and give you deformed sperm and stuff!

good thing I never wear girl pants.

So? Most of these people wear biker shorts anyway.

And it’s not deformed sperm; just dead sperm. :wink:

I personally stick with loose fit jeans, a belt, and either button up overshirts or casual t-shirts…I’m not into the whole, you know, “constraining my penis” jeans.

Actually, I wear a lot of stretch jeans. They’re really comfortable (because they can easily stretch–obviously–). It’s just the same general misconception that possess people to think that unicycling crushes the male genitals.

seems like wearing tight stretchy pants would result in something of a male camel toe, which I know most people wouldn’t like to see…

only when you sit down…:smiley:

I am known to wear pretty tight pants, but I dont own an girl pants

Thank goodness there is some sanity left on these fora! :wink:

Never really been a problem. I wear low-rise jeans. You can tuck things away. Guys don’t have ‘birthing’ hips, so the inseam (for me) doesn’t come all the way up to my crotch like it would on a girl. The inseam hangs down more than you’d even think. Even then, I don’t wear underwear with my tighter pants.

If it looked weird, and were uncomfortable I wouldn’t do it.

Hey Micheal… What’s a camel-toe? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorta back on the pink topic. Jess Riegel rides/used to ride a pink Summit.