Kris Holm Interview?

I am in need of a writeup of and interview with Kris…its for a school project where i have to summarize and reflect on an interview i read…And id like to do Kris.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


lol u mite need to get Kris’ consent first…
hahaha but i think he would be cool with it

Uni Magazine issue 2, dan heaton interviews kris holm. It’s good few pages long.

interview him urself

According to this thread;
there is an interview with Kris Holm by Dustin Schaap in English… however, I could only find it in Dutch in the 2 minutes I spent looking for it.


find his email… I have it somewhere. its not all that hard to do, seek and you shall find.

e-mail him he will reply

It needs to be one that was conducted by someone else…im not allowed to do it myself… :thinking: How dumb eh. Thanks for the link…Ill look around for a bit.