Kris Holm in Mercedes-Benz

I figured this should deserve it’s own thread…

looks like some new kh moment cranks in the movie?

You stole the words out of my mouth!

Wow, that was the coolest video ever, and such a polished and artistic production! Way to go Kris and congrats on what must be a very lucrative commercial for MB! :slight_smile:

+1 Very cool commercial.

Class act !!! :sunglasses:

I for got congrates on the new edition when???:smiley:

This is for sure the best video explaining unicycling I’ve ever seen. This needs more views, I didn’t help the cause with the title I chose haha.

Great short film, you are an inspriation, if only I could ride half as well.
Most importantly,congrats on the upcoming baby. Best Wishes.

No wonder UDC had a sale on moments… a new version must be on the way!

great video!
first thing I noticed was the disc brake on the un-powder coated frame. :wink:

Here are two frame caps from the video. It looks like Kris is using his newest gen. cranks! They look very similar to “prowheel” cranks in their shape.

kh cranks2.jpg


They’re curved to make room for a brake caliper… seems like a brilliant idea to put a disc rotor on cranks!

Mercedes-Benz TV.mp4_000095920.jpg

Did you get this info from Kris, or is it an assumption based on the pic you posted? Looking at the pic, it sure looks like it would be necessary for sufficient clearance. I’m hoping that if these are the new gen (moments), that they will be as strong as the originals for big drops, etc. Hard to tell from the stills, but they sure seem a lot less “beefy” than the current moments. But Kris may have more than one version to choose from.

His current cranks won’t clear a caliper. His next cranks will. I am assuming that
he will offer two different models -current and disc versions all cast.

What he said is true, the new cranks are designed for disc brakes. Heard it from Kris at MUni Weekend! :smiley:

Here is Kris w/ the prototype uni, w/ the disk.


Glad you liked it =). I really appreciated the opportunity (and the time, given it’s really long for an ad) to explain why unicycling is so meaningful and fun. Mercedes has additional footage from the shoot that didn’t make this very short edit, especially muni, and will try to put together a slightly longer film short for submission to film festivals later in 2012.

Just wanted to clear up a minor detail on Moment cranks construction, my fault for a casual mis-use of terminology in another thread. Moment cranks are forged, not cast. In other words, solid alloy material is forced using high pressure into a crank shape, and then the cranks are finished by CNC. For various metallurgical reasons this is stronger than casting (which would involve pouring molten material). One piece forged KH seatposts are made in a similar way.


forging produces very strong cranks.

Interesting! Will you be announcing a new product line up any time soon?