Kris Holm Hub - On Sale @ AEBike

Howdy Folks,

I don’t post or read this forum much anymore but as I was browsing all my daily bike/unicycle part deals today I noticed that AEBike had a special on a Kris Holm Hub.

I’ve been out of the unicycle part buying business for a while so I have no idea whether this is a good part, deal, or whatever. Just wanted to make sure it got mentioned in case anyone was interested.

I’ve ordered from AEBike from the past without any problems.

Hope all my old unicycle friends out there are well.


Matt Wilhelm
Santa Barbara

It’s the 2005 version which is a bit crap…

It’s a good deal compared to UDC. They are selling them for $217

i wish the moment hub was on sale for that cheap

errr, the moment cranks are like 15 bucks more, for a considerably stronger hub