Kris Holm 20" Unicycle

For sale is my beloved Kris Holm Unicycle used for years on end, but it’s time to give up now:( The uni still works as it did from day one and has had minor upgrades such as the pedals and seat clamp, i can also throw in a spare seat clamp for free if i can find it! I can post more pictures if you want to see more of the unicycles condition - or look at the photos provided, can pay via bank transfer - and we can sort out a delivery option. (at extra cost)

I think around £150 sounds fair (plus delivery -I’ll get it as cheap as can be)

Thanks for looking! Let me know if you’re thinking of another price!:slight_smile:

( can email me at “isaac (dot) hulse @ hotmail (dot) com” )

Giant pictures much?

Might want to make them a bit smaller to make them more easily viewable on the site

I can’t see the pics, all I see are “X”'s

Those are the individual atoms that make up the unicycle. That picture is huge. :roll_eyes:

+1 LOL! Really, how do you post pictures that big? When I post pictures I have to re-size them to be smaller than 800x800 pixels, or it won’t upload. These must be about a million by a million.

When you upload your pic to the server, you are limited in image size and file size.

However, if you link to an external hosting, you can put whatever you want (as it is a link) and it leads to gigantic threads if the forum engine do not support some live resizing.

And now it is too late to edit the initial post.

@drvideoguy: It might be useful to provide your zipcode so people interested can evaluate how long of a drive it is to pick-up or go and run a simulation on UPS/FedEx/Royal Mail website :wink: