Kris Holm 20" Trials/street or 20" Bedford with KH hub/cranks and seat?

I was wondering what uni I should get. The Kris Holm 20" trials/street or the 20" Bedford with KH hub/cranks and seat. Does it really matter or is one better than the other?

I dont know about rim and all the parts, but as far as frame:

The KH is Aluminum, light and pricey(and BLUE).
The Bedford is CrMO(a light steal(tho a bit heavier than a KH) better for foot on frame tricks. Plus the money you are saving with a cheaper frame you could spend on getting it powdercoated your choice of color.

Someone will be along to help you out more. I am not sure what parts come on a bedford.

I just bought a KH20 from Darren and I really love it. It was designed to do what it was meant too. That hop … it was definitely designed for that hop.

You can always pick up a nimbus freestyle or sem later if you want to do more stuff later.

And I know my nimbus is 1 pound lighter, but the KH20 feels lighter in my hands. It has lived up to my expectations.

the only difference is the you can get either a luna or a cc (though he might give you a luna if you ask), pedals are whatever you want, the frame is lighter, and different seat, and clamp. oh and you can get the kh rim, or if you prefer nondrilled you can get a alex (for the bedford)
basically it is a extra hundred? or so extra for the lighter frame

basically email him with what you want and he will tell you how much it it.

Is one better for street tricks than the other? Or are they both about the same in this case?

doesnt really matter unless you are a weight weenie. or a money weenie.

go with the kh if you are concerned about weight and the bedford if you are concerned about money. strenght wise they are about the same.

Thanks. I’ve also been trying to find a picture of the Bedford and haven’t been able to, does anyone have a picture? Also, what is the best way to contact Darren?

Id go with the Bedford frame because I think thats a strong design and its cheaper. So ya.

email him at

The bedford frame is better for flatland and crank roll tricks, it gives you more room to stand on the cranks.

If I got the Bedford would there be any parts that I should replace? Or should I just keep it as it is?

Stock KH to KH with a bedford frame is only a $50 difference. just get the stock, sell the frame, and get a bedford frame and have cash left over.

Don’t bedford frames have 22.2mm diameter seat posts? Which are pretty awful for street. Correct me if I’m wrong.

you’re thinking of yuni frames. bedford uses 27.2mm seat posts.

since when?
i got 2 over the last year and they were both 22.2.
luke, the bend easier then something like a kh, but they arent bad

You guys were saying that the Bedford was cheaper than the KH but on their sites they’re both listed as $500…was this a mistake or something?

Bedford site is old and not updated. It would be better to call or e-mail him just to make sure about the pricing.

Also, his prices are in Canadian currency.

Ah, I did not think about that thank you.

I emailed Darren about a week ago asking some questions about the 20" BEDFORD WITH KH HUB/CRANKS AND SEAT and he hasn’t replied does it usually take awhile for him to reply?

Sorry about all of these questions but I’ve been checking out some of the koxx-one unicycles and they are pretty cool. Do you still suggest getting the Beford or looking into getting a Koxx-one?